Just another Electromatic Upgrades Thread


Friend of Fred
Feb 13, 2012
Here’s the bottom line: there’s no such thing as “upgrades”. There are only modifications/setup/repairs. Any modification you make will give up something to get more of something else. There is no backing up the truckload of goodness for a fillup.

Before making any modification or even setup change, it’s best to have some idea of how you want it to be different. This is even true for setup. For example, dialing in the action height depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Despite what you may read in forums, ultra low action is not always best.

Of course, sometimes you just want to see what happens. Some changes can have a big effect without spending a dime. If you measure carefully and take notes beforehand (and think it over before cutting anything), you can often reverse what you did if it did not turn out like you expected.

Exactly. Wise advices @sgarnett.

That said, I think that going from this :



To that :



Over the :


Can be nonetheless considered as an upgrade in itself... :D;)


Rockin Hogan

Dec 30, 2021
Southeast US
The 5220 is a great guitar. Just play it for a while and you might find you don't need to make any changes. The blacktop broadtrons sound great and it already has a treble bleed circuit on the master volume control. I would just invest in a nice Gretsch hard case if you don't already have one.


Jan 25, 2022
Hi! I´ve just bought an g5220 and I love it!
Just wanted to know if there is any Gotoh (the only ones I can get in my country right now) locking tuners for the g5220. I tend to put locking tuners in all my guitars for easy and quick strings changing.

have found the Gotoh sg381MGT which seem to be the same as the sg381 but locking version?
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