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Dec 27, 2017
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Sorry. Not funny at all. My son died last month of multiple organ failure made worse by the unmentionable plague. Signs of liver failure we all missed were ascites, fluid accumulation in the abdomen, discolored or yellow tinged skin, and unexplained bleeding in the absence of trauma. Gastric problems were also present and were part of his complaint. All of this was missed in a visit to the emergency room of a major medical schooI’s flagship hospital in NYC more than eight months before he died. This wasn’t new residents in July. It was May. It was negligence and incompetence bottom to top. All the information needed to make an accurate diagnosis was in the lab reports that may not have made it to the ER before he was shown the door.

That is terrible, I’m so sorry.


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May 17, 2009
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No I'm not coping because my life is pain, I'm absolutely fine. I love 5 exams in a 12 week quarter. It's lovely. Highly recommend.
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Group projects are also fun. Highly recommend. Not, like, half of the team does 90% of the work or nothing. It's very equal.

I wonder what the sun looks like.
Medical school is kinda like that. Good luck!

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