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May 25, 2022
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My athletic club has three indoor courts that were busy through the summer with moms and kids and boyfriends and girlfriends. It gave them something extra when it was too rainy for the outdoor pool. I don’t miss it. I never played. But the college girls are back at school. I miss them. They were an incentive to stay for a longer workout.


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May 17, 2009
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Off the Mark Comic Strip for September 29, 2022


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Jul 18, 2016
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Seems there was a man who suspected his wife of having an affair. So he organises to have the morning off work. Leaves the house as normal and sneaks back half an hour later.

Springing Into the bedroom he finds his wife in bed, but otherwise alone. He races to the window where he sees a man running away from the house along the footprint, getting dressed. Our hero feels the rage build in him so he races downstairs to the kitchen and in a fit of super human strength only jealous fury can produce, rips the fridge out of the wall, races back upstairs with it. Goes to the bedroom window, throws the fridge at the man running. The strain of this causes him to have a heart attack and he dies.

The fridge is perfectly aimed, and hits the running man, killing him instantly.

At the pearly gates St. Peter is waiting

‘Next! How did you die?’

‘In a fit of jealous rage I threw a fridge at a man who I thought my wife was cheating on me with. The exertion was too much snd I think I had a heart attack. ‘

St. Peter says ‘I see. Welcome to heaven. Next! How did you die?’

‘I was running late for work, got up, and was hoping to catch the bus. As I was running down, putting my tie on, a refrigerator hit me from above, and I woke up here. ‘

St. Peter. ‘Welcome to heaven. In you go. Next! How did you die?’

‘There I was, cold naked and frightened, hiding in a fridge…’