Jerry Lee

Winnie Thomas

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Jun 13, 2011
Cochise AZ
We lost Aimee, our German Shepherd two years ago. We still have Rubin, a wacked English Bulldog.

My wife found this guy ten days ago in Casa Grande. He had been rescued from a kill shelter the day before. He is a Belgian Tervuren, AKA Belgian Shepherd. He's about 4 months old.

He has some great features, he came already house broken. He is still a little stand offish, but seems to be making some slow progress. We guess he was treated harshly before we got him.

After a couple false starts we decided his name is Jerry Lee.
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Feb 16, 2013
Good on ya, Winnie! Rescues are the best!
Here’s our Jerry (Jerry Garcia, the Grateful Dog) - rescued from the SPCA almost 18 months ago. It was mutual love at first sight at the meet & greet in the shelter. Already housebroken and using the doggie door within 20 minutes of his arrival here. We now have four rescues including the two pups who came home from Food Maxx with us last August (don’t ask… my wife is a softie)