Jensen’s vs Celestion’s in 2x12 cabinet

Discussion in 'Ampage Area' started by Tennessean85, Oct 11, 2020.

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    I have the bass knob pretty low normally, maybe 3. What if I just turned the bass knob to 0? I know there is quite a bit of inherit bass in the bassman circuit though.
    And I will eventually get a bass cab to use for bass, just want to know if it will work in the interum. It'll be used primarily for guitar and when for bass at home only, maybe even below 3 on the volume, my amp doesn't wake up until about 2.5 on the volume knob for reference.
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    With the volume and bass control set low you might be okay depending on how aggressive you play. Smooth playing, no slapping might work for low level practicing at home. You might also want to play the bass through a compressor to limit the peaks.
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    As a late comer to this thread.... I will give a little reference and where I have landed.

    I own a few tweed amps. My favorite is my '58 high powered Twin. It's the 5f8-a circuit, which is almost exactly the same as the twee Bassman (5f6-a) circuit, with bigger iron and four 5881 tubes. I also own a '59 Bassman Reissue (that's been hand wired to the 5f6-a circuit).

    My Bassman has two Jensen P10Rs and two Eminence 1028Ks. I added the 1028's to tame a the little bit of icepick highs I was experiencing with four Jensens. It also tightened up the bass a touch.

    My Twin, on the other hand has gone through a couple of iterations. First it was paired with an eminence 1258 and an old Oxford. They were what I had laying around loose when I first built it's new cabinet. Next came a Celestion G12M65 Creamback. This was a spectacular pairing. The Eminence 1258 is a great Jensen C12 type speaker. The Creamback 65 is one of my favorite speakers. But, I wanted a little lighter weight going on... So, i went neodymium. I ended up with a Jensen 12-100 and a Celestion Neo Creamback. This has given me 80 watts of tweed glory in a 42 lb package.

    So, I'm gonna suggest tow things... first, why pick one over the other, grab a combo of speakers. Mix and match, as it were. The other, want to lighten the load, go with neos!

    I do have an Eminence 1228 in my 5e3, but they are sadly discontinued... So, I feel guilty gushing about them when they are so difficult to find. Although, maybe Eminence will build one custom?
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