Is there a Gretsch equivalent to a Starfire 2 dyna?

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  1. Hi all. Recently i went on a Guild spree and wound up with the two that i have listed for sale. Please do not infer that these are not great instruments, they rock! But due to a nerve injury on the inside of my right arm, its getting harder to play deeper bodied hollow bodies like these are. So i was looking at their StarFire 2 with dynasonics. Its still light and considered semi hollow as there is a small block where the bridge is, but its a thinner body, and dynas which i wanted to try again. The last thing i had close to those pickups was my 5129, and its my understanding they are not really the same. I did consider the SF3 with the guild buckers, as it is truly hollow, but leaning towards the dynas.

    So any way, with covid prices and delays still effecting what’s new out thee as well as used, I’m having a hard time finding a used SF2. I look at the new gretsch adds as they appear in my inbox, but i have yet to see anything thats similar. Can someone point me to a Gretsch that has a thinner, hollow body with dynas thats not going to cost me what the other two guitars i have for sale will?
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  2. Groutsch

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    According to Gretsch, Dynasonics are for the Professional line.
  3. That sounds like more money. Other than falcons, i dont recall any other hollow bodies that have them.
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    How about a Jet? My 2005 Roundup is lighter than most Gretsch hollowbodies. In a way, it kinda resembles my Electone 6119 but has a smaller bout.
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  5. Thought about it. Just as pricy. From what i can see there are no dynasonic electromatic level guitars, kind of what the guild Newark street would be. Or somewhat. Some say the Newark street guitars are a higher quality. Depends on what you prefer i guess.
  6. JeffreyLeePierre

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    If "thinner hollow body" stands for semi-hollow, that's just the description of my G3140 (with DeArmond 2000).
    Center block makes it quite heavy, and of course you can only find used ones. But they're great bang for the buck.
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  7. Ive looked for those. Some people do make a thin hollow body without a center block. I need light weight. But they dont all play like the gretsch I’ve played, or the guild.
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    Not a Gretsch but grab yourself a casino!

    Slim taper D neck very comfortable to play. A nice Korean one Is not going to set you back lots of money it’s so lightweight. For a light jet you’ll want a proline vintage chambering and with dynos your talking decent money and maybe not readily available

    they sound great aswell
  9. I have always kept an eye out. They are thinner and hollow. But don’t want p90’s at the moment.
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