Is a 6117 from the 60s with Filtertrons

Wayne Gretschzky

Country Gent
Aug 27, 2008
East Coast
Anniversary models (6117 being 2 -pu with sunburst finish) did not get Filtertrons in the 60s (only '58-59). The 60s Annie models also lacked the trestle bracing that the '58-'61 6120 models had. The 6120 was a double cutaway electrotone (sealed-top) style guitar in the 60s, so nothing like an Anniversary from the period.


Jan 6, 2016
East of Nashville
Ah, Trestle bracing.
I have a late 60s Annie in sunburst that has Filtertrons. Just wondering if there was a big difference if compared to a like year 6120.
Thanks for the reply.


May 25, 2022
New York
When I was shopping for my Annie 10 years ago, 6118 was equipped with Filter’Trons and 6117 had HiLo’Trons. I wasn’t paying much attention to the year of manufacture. I think mine is a 2008. I had a Telecaster and the single coil hum was driving me mad.