Incoming NGD Squier Bullet 80’s MIJ

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  1. YouFellowRebels

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    Jun 17, 2020
    407B1E58-9DA9-4552-959F-5BC5DCC08A78.jpeg F269F83A-AFDD-46FC-90E8-4C79DE1BA917.jpeg 80FD9446-B9E1-4ACB-9173-1168D2A2CABD.jpeg 246FDBA6-CA3E-4763-A7F3-CAACDCABAC98.jpeg View attachment 147608
    View attachment 147609 View attachment 147610 Pulled the trigger on a budget guitar to have a Strat style in the studio. Used to have a black one of these, sold it when moving across the country to down size. Loving the burst, and the grain. Sadly by 86 they were a laminate, but I remember my black one still playing and sounding pretty damn good (used it in a cover group to play Sunday, Bloody Sunday and It’s The End of the World). The necks on these are oddly amazing. Hoping this one plays on par with my old one. Can’t wait for the delivery truck to show up with it.
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  2. JC higgy

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    Jun 6, 2008
    Belfast Norn Iron
    Congrats !

    Its been years since i played one of those.
  3. loudnlousy

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    Oct 18, 2015
    I still remember when these came out. I was a piano player then on my way to heavy rock music. Total rookie.
    I originally wanted a Fender Stratocaster and what I got was a Maya Fender Bullet -style guitar for christmas. Indeed it was a birthday+christmas present from my parents and my godfather.

    Later I was very temped to buy one of these when I was on a completely different waggon, because my first electric was that Japanese Maya brand which was a clone. Just out of nostalgia.
    So my first electric was the second best of a second best of a Strat.

    Anyway. There is no doubt that the Japanese iterations of anything Fender or Gibson were far superior to anything the original manufacturers had to offer at that point or time.

    I had my fair share of Love Rocks, Goldstar and SSs models from Tokai over the years. About a dozen+.
    I am still missing all of them. I even had some vintage Japanese Fender Strats, too.
    I really miss them all.

    There is a reason why these sell for fancy money nowadays. They are so good, indeed.

    The Japanese had an ethic for quality that was unmatched at that point of time.
    I really apprecicate that point in their current Gretsch production from Japan. They still kept that perfectionistic spirit. They still know how to deal with their QC. Great builders.
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  4. YouFellowRebels

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    Jun 17, 2020
    I’ve never owned a MIJ that failed to impress, and I’ve had several! They know their stuff. I’ve read during the years of these bullets they worked extra hard to impress Fender with quality as it was their first years making Fender guitars. I remember the neck on my old Bullet as the best part. Felt like a great Tele neck on a 7/8 Strat body. Just a neat budget guitar that plays well above it’s pay grade.
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  5. Tele295

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    My first guitar was a black Squier Bullet
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  6. YouFellowRebels

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    Jun 17, 2020
    Nice! My last one was a black one.
  7. YouFellowRebels

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    Jun 17, 2020
    C27D0F34-E8C6-463B-A035-32D05A51E178.jpeg 1D2C8465-3821-48E5-93AB-33AE8D233585.jpeg It came! It plays and sounds pretty great. The magnets need glued back on the pickups, but I remember having to do that on my old one also. Debated the Guitar Madness 62’z for it, but I want to play it with these for a bit first. Got it restrung and setup yesterday, now just need to solve the problem of low e buzzing on only the 5th fret. The neck just feels great, and I’m odd and like small bodies so they 7/8 size body is nice. Pics or it didn’t happen? Fits in well in the basement.
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