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If I could use 3000euros for guitar...


Jul 4, 2020
Los Angeles
Wo, I had no idea those were so expensive. I always assumed that they were kind of inexpensive gimmicky guitars.

There are a surprisingly large number of premium guitars that go for prices well beyond the budget proposed in this thread.
Whether you think they're worth that or not is another matter, of course, but they're definitely out there.


Jul 4, 2020
Los Angeles
They're expensive and gimmicky.
That said, I may try my hand at building my own one day. :)

At one point, I found a couple of steel bodies that had apparently been diverted from someone LIKE Trussart and slapped bids (eBay) on them immediately, but they went for a LOT More money than I was willing to spend.

As for gimmicky -- I suppose that Richard Fortus would be a good example of someone who only buys gimmicky guitars (like his current Gretsches?). He's known for having played Trussarts (Steel DeVilles) with Buns & Noses.

There are some other players who use them. See if you recognize any of these guys: https://jamestrussart.com/pages/artists

Back in Black

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Jun 22, 2020
Ontario Canada
As much as I never payed attention to Duesenberg, I don’t think they have something in common with Harley Benton. HB are the home brand of Thomann DE, and frankly they’re Squier level instruments. The difference between a Streamliner and a HB 335-like is obvious, as well as the sound.
For 3000 (dollars or euros) you could buy 30 Harley Bentons, I don’t think they have nothing in common with Duesenberg.
Maybe it’s true that Duesenberg have his body supply from China, but again don’t forget that there’s different levels of production in China as well.

Fully agree,

There are some very high levels of quality in China, my 61 Hofner Contemporary is a perfect example, it's a beautiful piece in all aspects, actually better than its German counterpart...but still, no where near 3000 EURO. The German original was nowhere near 3000 EURO.

The MIC guitar now has a German Control panel, and correct cream strap buttons, but those mods had nothing to do with existing factory quality, that was strictly personal preference.


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Finnish Swede

Sep 17, 2020
Sweden / Skåne
I agree that Dusenberg make high level guitars with prices to match even if their supply model is a little opaque The results are not entry level guitars by any measure. A mate had one for sale which I tried out. Nice guitar but neck heavy so not for me but the finish and was outstanding and the build quality exceptional. Even the case had about 10 latches on it !!
Ok, if it is neck heavy it would not be for me. That can really be true as this has really think semi-hallow body (it can not weight much).

But yes... it looks gorgeous. I also like that they have mixed silver/chrome and gold parts. I thought that could not work in guitar, but it really does.

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Jun 11, 2015
Portland, OR
Exchange rate's pretty close to 1:1 right now, so 3000 euros is the same as 3K usd.

Not many guitars I'll spend that much money on, but my White Falcon clocked in right about that number. Most expensive guitar I own.

... and worth every penny! :)

Mr Swisher

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Jun 12, 2012
Get on reverb... Duesenbergs are cheaper there as so many people have issues with where they are from etc etc. I picked up my last one for £1200 less than retail..and it was like new.

Both mine were fantastic, arguably better than my Proline Gretsch in terms of fit n finish (if we were splitting hairs) and only left to finance my CS Gretsch.