I may have just done something rash


Jun 4, 2009
North Wales
I have been a Gas Addict since Walter Becker first coined the Term... of course he was referring to Gear acquisition - which later became Guitar acquisition... I'm like Jelly Roll stay off the Bay and Verb...


Country Gent
Mar 4, 2021
Buzz buying. Boldly buying when you normally wouldn’t. Sure, I can understand this but be very cautious about Sleep Buying! You know, when your mouse is hovering over the Buy Now button and you’re almost asleep and accidentally add the item to your cart..let’s zee-zzzz zzz-New Tezla-zzzz-Leather Seatz-zzzzzz-20” wheelz zzzz….zz


Feb 26, 2014
I used to enjoy the delight of staying up late and bidding on auctions in UK, Europe, and (when the exchange rate was favourable) in the US. I used to have multiple pages of an auction open so that I could instantly tab to a new page and bid if I got outbidded.

It was fun for a while until the advent of sniping tools. Glad the OP got hos catch.


Oct 18, 2015
I remember buying a Tokai Strat on eBay some years ago. The price was o.k..
The seller wrote me an email:
"Dear Frank, I am selling from Japan and the shipping costs will be around USD 150 for the insured instrument. Since the guitar is only USD 300 I thought that I better ask you before shipping whether you are still interested in the deal. It would be no problem for me if you would withdraw your offer...."
What a gentleman.


Country Gent
Oct 27, 2010
Whittier, Ca
Sounds like you did what I did to win my Jackson KV2 USA model. Saw this 3 month old like new guitar on ebay for bidding with No Reserve starting at 1500. So I laid down, 1600. What the heck, someone would come by and bid more and get it. 5 days later, no one did. So I scored a brand new guitar for used price. It was pretty sweet. Not an expense I was planning on.... but one I'm glad I ended up getting.


Country Gent
Jan 17, 2020
Jack Plate, Oregon
I did have that problem! Somehow I don't suffer from the Gas anymore, it might have to do with being over 71 now, and having plenty of guitars around here.
Once though, I was a cruising Ebay for a specific all-Koa Carvin model and two of them showed up on the 'Bay at the same time. Both of them met the specs I was looking for, their only difference was once was an HSS and one had twin humbuckers. I bid on both of them hoping I could score one of them and ended up with the two! Oh well, I still have them and enjoy them, great guitars and so well made.

JC higgy

Jun 6, 2008
Belfast Norn Iron

I'm not so impulsive these days,infact I tend to dither about until some other bugger buys it from under me!

I do still cruise all the used geets across several shops and Ebay,Reverb ,Gumtree and so on,on a daily basis.

I must be getting soft though as I let most of them go.