I love these guitars and want all of them.

Roy Clark

Jun 16, 2017
Bat cave.
Ok I found some cheap Grote guitars. I want them all. Look amazing. can upgrade if needed. Look good. Better than any we had starting out in the 1980's the cheap guitars. Really cheap guitars.

Not like the nice affordable stuff from Japan from the 1980's like Westone. And others. But really nice looking. And decent review's online and YouTube. Looks good to me. 8-7-scaled.jpg images (42).jpeg images (41).jpeg 7-2-scaled.jpg IMG_5107-scaled.jpg FB_IMG_1679452438834.jpg
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Jan 12, 2023
Dayton Ohio
I bought the "hollow body Jazz" model in sunburst. The one with the single P-90, kind of an Epiphone century clone, it's really nice. I really didn't need to do anything to it- it played pretty good right out of the box. Tuners weren't awesome, but were pretty good, the frets on mine were level, just needed a polish, the action at the nut was just a touch higher than I like, but wasn't unpleasant, the fit and finish was good, a little polishing compound left over in the corners. Overall, a very well-built guitar, great price (through Amazon, at least), and I'd recommend it to anyone.


Jan 2, 2023
South Portland, Maine
Interesting! I've been curious about Grote guitars as well as the Harley Bentons for a while now. Would love to hear more owner feedback.
If memory serves correctly they are the same brand along with some others like firefly and the famous AliExpress 5w tube amps. Harley Benton is the store brand for Thomann Music in Germany


Oct 18, 2021
Ummm...they look good and overall I think that today is a sort of a golden age for good, cheap guitars... But, despite how good looking today's cheap guitars with nice looking veneers can be,, I'll take a Squire Classic Vibe or GRETSCH STREAMLINER over any Grote or Firefly or the like anyday... and I have had and worked on a bunch of them... Most need some work... some need lots.. If someone wants an inexpensive hollow or semi hollow guitar you just can't beat a Streamliner... but they might not look as fancy...

The Grotes you pictured are priced in the $300 to mid $450 range and for that kind of money your getting into or close to the Squire Classic Vibe, Streamliner range and I think a buyer probably would end up with a better playing guitar without doing any or much work although it might not look as flashy... and have a name brand guitar with a better resale value... You can also buy a new lower end Epiphone but you might expect to do some minor work on that as well...

Again, they do look good though..
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