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Humbucker options


Apr 20, 2022
Parts Unknown
I have a Kramer 84 with a Seymour Duncan JB trembucker

It's very high output and I think it has a detrimental effect on the sound. Drive pedals certainly seem to sound better when I roll off the volume

I was looking at replacing it with a Seymour Duncan 79 humbucker. This guitar basically only gets used for playing 70s/80s era hard rock and metal

Has anyone got any alternatives to suggest?

The guitar has a floyd rose so I probably need to go with a trembucker. That being said the pickup route looks to be just slightly too small (I can probably get that addressed under warranty) so as long as it won't affect the sound I'll go for any old pickup. I'm not precious about making sure strings and pole pieces line up correctly as long as it sounds good