How wide are your nuts?

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  1. Uncle Daddy

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    Jan 19, 2012
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    I've been hanging with my latest SSLVO, and after getting round to setting it up with a fret level and dress, and a new set of strings and adjusting the truss rod, I've been able to do some A/B-ing against my sturdy 6120-60. The new the SSLVO had a V neck and 9" fretboard, but something else felt very different so out came the caliper.

    The 6120-60 (1997) has a 43.5mm nut (1.7") with a 36.3mm string spread. The neck at the 5th fret is 48.4mm, and at the 12th it's 53.2mm

    The SSLVO (2008) has a 42.2mm nut with a 36.1mm spread, but the at 5th fret the neck is 47.2 and the twelfth is 52.5mm

    As you can see there's hardly anything in it, but the SSLVO feels really skinny in comparison, more that might be accountable to the different radius fretboard and neck profile.

    Gotta say, I prefer the slightly wider flatter C neck to the soft V. YMMV. I feel like I have to "work" the SSLVO, whereas the 60 almost plays itself, it's that smooth.

    On another topic, I also also A/B'd the new 1meg MV pot I put in the 6120-60, vs the 500k in the SSLVO, bearing in mind the classic should be pretty much the same in both guitars. I'd suggest trying the 1meg pot; it's like night and day, kind of like having a "more" switch. Bolder, louder, thicker and all round improvement.
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    That's a rather personal question...
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  3. Dave-B

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    May 23, 2016
    Indeed. Mrs B just asked "What the **** are you doing with those calipers?"
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    Admin Post
    ..........never mind
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    WS beat me to it.

    I like 1.72 inch or 1.75. I have big hands so the wider the better. ("That's what she said!" :D)
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    Uh, can I cancel that prostate exam?.............:eek:
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    Sgt Rock (who doesn't post here much any more) told me he prefers female doctors, "Smaller hands!"
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  9. Charles Conner

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    May 19, 2016
    The nut/fingerboard dimensions on my 5120 (2008) are the same as your 6120 (1979). It has a C cut not too thin or fat, just right for me, with a 12" radius. I replaced the original nut with a TUSQ nut (a pre-cut nut intended for an Epiphone LP model). My string spacing is now near 35 mm. As I recall, it the original string spacing was about 1 mm wider. It seems like the slightest difference with neck measurements makes a big difference with the feel of a guitar.
  10. Ricochet

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    My favorite necks have a nut width of 42mm

    MBERTHOLD Country Gent

    I switched out the left nut, I mean I switched out the nut on my G5120 for a Tusq nut, same width. But the string spacing became more narrow. So I believe its more than just the nut width to it if you know what I mean. I Like having different sizes..Other than that:
    My Loar LH 309 has a wide +-47mm that I really like, thick V shaped neck. Got a lot of 42mm nuts that I like haha...I hope we are talking about the right kind of nuts, I feel a little nuts now...
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    As soon as I passed 50, I began to prefer women doctors, too. For the same reason. Unless they have long fingernails, that is.
  13. Michiel

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    Jul 29, 2009
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    roughly 2 inches.
    on the guitar a bit less
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