How to connect my amp to a cab?


Country Gent
Aug 26, 2011
If you were to connect the wires from the left mono jack directly to the same pins on the right jack, it would bypass the switch. Or just connect the correct pins on the right jack together.


Skip K

Sep 16, 2021
Wake Forest, NC
I had a feeling you might say that. Maybe a dead speaker? Do you have a multimeter and a soldering iron? You might have to test each speaker separately. But not seeing this, it's hard to be definitive on what to do next.

This ought to be easy to sort out with a multimeter. Measure the resistance from the cab plug (should be 8 ohms), then unsolder and measure each speaker (should be 16 ohms each). If you get max resistance (open) on either speaker, the speaker is bad. the wires connecting the speakers, removed from the speakers, should all be zero ohms. Vibration plays hell with copper wiring....


Oct 21, 2012
There's the problem. Two speakers set up independent of each other for stereo use. Use a Y connector, or rewire the speakers in parallel.

This! The other thing you could do is buy one of those Marshall 1960 cab jacks where you can select the cab to be mono or stereo so you would have the option.

The plus is that you can have different speakers for different sounds. I have an old JCM cab with two 75 watt Celestions and two Hellatones. The way the cab is wired I can get only each type or a blend.

The minus is that if the switch fails you'll blow your OT. However, Marshall has been making these for many years and I've only heard of this happening once.

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