How Many Guitars Do You Need?


Country Gent
May 1, 2018
I don’t wanna derail the thread by any means, but are we talking having multiple guitars at home or live? Now that I think more about it this is kind of a loaded question, in a good way. Do I want more? Yes. Do I wanna maintain more guitars? No. My two favorite guitar players only had one for their whole set, only one had roadies, both are Gretsch players.


Sep 18, 2012
Bagsville, Oxford UK
An acoustic, the G6120TM, the Falcon, the Tele, the other Tele, the other acoustic, the ES 335, the Les Paul, the ES 295 and a Gibson ES 330 in Beale Street Blue. Those are all I need. The others I just want.


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Aug 17, 2021
Philadelphia, PA
The answer is between 31 and 38, if we're talking bare minimums here...

1x Jumbo, 1x Dread, 1x Parlor sized, 1x 12-string, optional: 1x Baritone

Les Paul: 1x Special (P-90's), 1x Goldtop (P-90's), 1x Standard (HB), optional: 1x Custom (Black or White, your choice)
SG: 1x Standard (HB), 1x Special (P-90), optional: 1x Custom / 3-PUP / etc.
Strat: 1x "Standard", 1x w/ HB, P-90, etc.
Tele: 1x "Standard", 1x w/ HB, P-90, Filter-Tron, etc.
Offset: 1x Jag / Jazzmaster or 1x Guild "S" model / T-bird (your choice)
"Hollow": 1x Jet (Dyna), 1x Jet (Filter), optional: 1x something else (50's Guild maybe?)
At least 1x shred guitar (Ibanez, Schecter, Charvel, etc.)

Semi-Hollow / Thinline / Electrotone
At least 1x electrotone single cut (Tenny)
At least 1x electrotone double cut (6120DC, CG, etc.)
At least 1x double-cutaway P-90 (i.e. Casino)
At least 1x single-cutaway P-90 (i.e. ES-135)
At least 1x double-cut HB (ES-335/345/355)
At least 1x single-cut HB (ES-135/195, etc.)
At least 1x Rickenbacher
1x Something with mini-HB's (Epiphone, Guild, your choice)
Optional: hotrod Tenny

At least 1x full-hollow (17" or bigger) non-Gretsch (Gibby, Guild, Epi, etc.)
At least 1x fully-hollow (17"+) Gretsch (WF, CC, etc,)
1x 6120 (or equivalent) w/ Dynas
1x 6120 (or euivalent) w/ FT's
1x Annie w/ HT's
1x single-cut, gibson-style (i.e. ES-175)
Optional: mix and match (ES-175 w/ P-90's, say)

I think that would be a good start. Once you've got the "basics" down, you could pick something more specific that you'd like to collect as well. And I figure you'd probably only need 8 or 9 amps (at least at the start), but thats another thread altogether...

Chet Harrison

Apr 27, 2020
I’ve done the “one guitar” thing and frankly, that was when I was a lesser musician than I am today. These days I need a bigger palette to satisfy my “muse”— I prefer to have at least one electric (preferably two), one acoustic, and one bass.


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Feb 12, 2009
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I need one. I actually need one. I have none at the moment. Usually I have two. But I think my goal will be three. One Gretsch with FilterTrons, one Gretsch with Dynasonics, and one Rickenbacker with toasters.

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Dec 20, 2020
I was happy with just my Casino Coupe for years. Then Covid happened, I had some health scares of my own, and I decided why not? Retired widower, house and car paid off. My other hobbies, reading books from the library and playing with my dogs, are pretty low budget. So, I bought a Squier CV Jazzmaster, a G5422, a G5222, a Squier CV Jaguar bass, an ESP LTD PS-1000 and a Squier Affinity Telecaster over the last couple years. Prices ranged from $140 for the Tele to $680 for the ESP.

If you play guitar, you need one. If you want more than one and you can afford it/them, why not?

I want an Epiphone Firebird. :cool:


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Feb 13, 2012

How Many Guitars Do You Need?​

Indeed a truckload, or a stack, or a bunch, or... OK. The picture below is now incomplete and should be updated :


Why so much ? I'll be honest : rather by Fancyness than for the tone...

But it's me, OK ? 😁


JC higgy

Jun 6, 2008
Belfast Norn Iron
I don't know,i know i want more ,but probably won't be buying any more for while.😟

But i'm pretty sure i'd be happy with one of my 6120s and my Rick 12.


Country Gent
Apr 14, 2020
As I am hemorrhaging both money and space on renovations and housing family, the answer is whatever I have -1. I realize that’s heresy.

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