How long did it take you to get your first Gretsch after you started playing guitar?

Lucky Jim

Oct 16, 2020
Kent, England
15 years for me. I’d played Gretsches in guitar stores in my teens but they cost way more than I could afford so settled for a used ‘58 d/c Les Paul Jr (very cheap in those days). Then progressed to a used ‘62 Gibson ES-335 - also cheaper than any Gretsch in the U.K. at that time. Finally, after fifteen years, a used ‘57 Duo Jet (exactly like George’s) and a Gretsch amp to go with it. Bliss.

It was then another looooong wait for my next Gretsch………


Country Gent
Jul 23, 2019
For my 51st birthday, I was fully intending to get a G5420T, but saw this one on sale and it came home with me.

First guitar was in 1985,
first Gretch in 2019,
0D274FC6-629E-4122-B795-C8186B9D0595.jpeg so 34 years.

(PS-three years later, I have three Gretsches, and my first and only Fender and first and only Gibson.)
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Country Gent
Mar 20, 2010
About 3 years. My first guitar was a Kay Acoustic, you could have driven a Winnebago between the fret board and the strings. The in 1970 ,my Uncle sold me his 1958 Chet Atkins 6129 for $10 if I would paint his 1963 Buick Electra. I welded in some patch panels, we had extra paint from other jobs, I combined them to make a Brownish Green custom metallic, that he loved, and was a proud owner of a real Gretsch. The action was better than my Kay. The reality was it needed a neck reset, even though you could have driven the Buick between the fret board and the strings, I loved it. It did have a unique sound that I used in Motown Studio "B" for the "fill ins", so going from a polka band to Motown music, it was up to the task.

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