Hitting a Wall: Smashed thru it!

Discussion in 'THE Gretsch Discussion Forum' started by Craig Encinitas, Nov 14, 2021.

  1. Craig Encinitas

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    May 3, 2021
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    Hi everyone.

    I traded an auto-detail for some introductory guitar lessons from a friend. At the time, when I could’ve been excited about entering the guitar world, it gave me extreme hesitation and anxiety. When I’m in, I go all in. New hobbies consume my thoughts and most of my free time (which is minimal).

    So, of course, I ended up buying my first guitar (red Strat), and it was off to the races since February this year. I have literally played (poorly) every day since day one. EVERY DAY.

    I had a couple more in-person intro lessons on the basics. But otherwise, I am self-taught. I don’t watch “How to play this song” videos. Ultimate Guitar, a scales and blues licks books are my main resources.

    This week:

    I reached out to a friend that plays very technical and asked about 1-4-5 progression. That’s been my wall. Obvious to many…oblivious to me. He sent this:

    Now, I’ve have this printed out for months and look at it occasionally, but it wasn’t clicking. For some reason, now it does.
    I’m not locked into the cowboy-chord box anymore. I can be spontaneous and noodle around and it actually sounds decent!

    I just wanted to share this because perhaps you experienced this learning an instrument or learning to read music. I fit into the category of, “I have to do it, to learn it.” I’ve watched some videos and spoken with music professionals, but I didn’t understand. Now I do. Hallelujah!

    Just don’t ask me to play you something, yet.
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  2. Congrats on sticking with it! 1 4 5 becomes second nature. The more you play with others, the more you will pick up. Even if you dont feel you are at a level to play with others, go do it. You dont have to turn your amp up to 11, but sit in, watch what others do, make mistakes, repeat, then there is progress.

    Either way, the dedication you have is 99% of the battle. The rest is not spending time looking for more gear.
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  3. drmilktruck

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    May 17, 2009
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    This book describes the process you've been going through well. Congrats on sticking with it. Recognize though that even those "aha!" moments can be fleeting. Sometimes you get it, and then you don't. It's the journey.

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  4. rake_ether

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    Good work. As someone who's played for only two years I certainly know (and still employ) your "Just don’t ask me to play you something, yet" sentiment.
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