Hilotrons and filtertrons


Aug 23, 2013
I have a couple of 1964 gretschs with Hiltrons .
I like the sound
I picked up a 5120 for a deal and now I'm having fun fixing it up
Hilotrons seem to be more expensive than Filtertrons
Do Filtertons and Hilotrons use the same coils except with different internal construction(magnet placement etc)?

Could one cut a coil out of filtertron and with a bit of fabrication make it a hilotron ?

And a side question for fun...My 64 Tennesean, which I dearly love, has really kooky painted on F-holes...it loks like somebody was drunk when they put the stencil on....and the Bigsby is 1/2 inch off cent towards the treble side!
Funny, what was going on ? A big rush order...paint fumes?