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  1. Howdy KA, good to have you here. Have you played either of those GreTsch's? Reading your first post I was thinking 6120-1959LTV, possibly an SSLVO but that's got a 9.5" radius and we already know what happened to your Strat
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    Welcome to the Gretsch-Talk, KA1J !

    All the best in making your decision, and enjoy the process!
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Man, I love this response :)
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    Welcome!!! KA1J You won't find a cure for the "Gretchies" here. The itch will continue to grow. You will love your Gretsch and this forum Enjoy!
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    Folks! Thank you all so much for the abundance of replies, each of them really nice & sans attitude. Friendly rocks!

    Yeah, this is a challenge. I already have an abundance of acoustic instruments, have to let go of some so others can carry the ball & keep them safe & healthy. Funny, I've just realized I've turned a page and many of the instruments I have/collected are no longer as easy to play as they used to be. They haven't changed, I have and now is the time for me to play instruments with easier actions. A strat or tele would be so easy to wrangle, but I don't want a pure electric sound. With that, the Gretsch models are the best option for me.

    I just went to the closest GC and they had nothing Gretsch over $800 so I couldn't compare anything that I'm considering. With that, I have to decide over the printed word and I've been trying to get an idea based on Google & what I read here.

    It seems like much that makes a big difference between the guitars is the kind of pickup used. From what I've read it seems like the TV pickups are the grails and that being the case, maybe that'll be part of what I decide; pull the existing pickups and put appropriate TV's in as replacements. That's down the road, I am though looking for ease of play, comfort, and sound, all three are required but also in that order.

    Thank you all so much for the nice replies.
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