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  1. Hi all. I am looking to make playing the few gigs this winter easier to set up for. In the past i had a rack case that held the mixer, two power amps and BBE sonic maximizer, and a power strip. When i got to a gig i opened the top and sides, plugged into an outlet and most of the setup was complete. That stuff is too heavy and bulky so i ditched it.

    I now use smaller gear, but i cant find one rack thats light, and holds them all. One problem is the Yamaha MG10XU mixer is small, no rack ears. It mounts on a stand but thats not great for ease of transport. I still have a sonic maximizer that fits into standard rack width. I also have a wireless mike set that does not have rack mounts, its a lot small than the maximizer. I am looking for a case that fits them all plus a power strip. I can Velcro the mike unit if need be. I prefer its all connected in the case and that i just connect the speakers and monitors and go. I took a photo of the gear if that helps. Since they are small, i am not finding any cases that will hold them that are not made for bigger heavier gear. If anyone has suggestions other than paid roadies or a bose tower, please let me know. It doesnt need to be pretty, just light and easy.

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  3. Have seen a few, i am not a dyi person. Unless it involves duct tape. I did cut the inside foam to make and hold my wireless receiver with mikes and such, but its not operational in the case. I will go back and see what they offer.
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