Hallo from Northern Norway.


May 23, 2022
SC Midlands
Welcome. Can’t answer your question, but I’d recommend playing several Gretsch models to see which feels best. Good luck with the search.


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Nov 13, 2009
Monkey Island
Welcome to Gretsch-Talk!
Gretsch doesn’t have anything in a HSH pickup configuration but maybe you can mod one? Are you looking for a solid or hollow body?


Dec 7, 2022
I'll probably want an solidbody one as I'm not so keen on feedback.

Are there any Gretsch guitars with an Single-Coil/P90/P100 and an Humbucker microphone available?


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Nov 13, 2009
Monkey Island
Check out the G2210 Streamliner Jet, or the G2215-P90 with a P90 in the neck position. Awesome flat slabs with a bit of a LP Special vibe.
If you insist on a “carved” top, you can have a look at an G5230 Electromatic Jet Club.


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Dec 29, 2009
Hellooooo from Sunny Southern California!!!
Strat guy?
I’d say a Country Club or a Falcon due to the Stratocaster length neck..
Let’s see your gear! 3E523B23-F1F7-4C5F-946E-F4D4F0564697.jpeg

wabash slim

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Feb 10, 2010
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Hi. How's it goin'?
A center block won't feedback as it acts like a solid body.
It gives you the look of a hollow body without the feedback issues.
There are many different models offered by Gretsch.
At least one will fit your needs and wants.
They all have "that great Gretsch sound".


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May 25, 2022
New York
I thinking about purchasing an Gretsch guitar in the future. What are the advice for an Strat guy ,with an love for HSH pickup sets?
I have two very different Strats, a G6118T Anniversary, a Gibson SG and a Fender Telecaster. They're all different. There's overlap but each guitar has its voice. My only suggestion is to try a few Gretsch guitars. Try different pickups. Try different controls. Try hollow, semi-hollow, and chambered guitars and find what you like. That may be difficult in northern Norway. It's difficult anyplace far from a major city. The sun sets in December where you live and doesn't rise again until February. Here's your excuse to take a vacation, a shopping vacation. Choose a city with a big music scene. London, perhaps, or elsewhere in the UK. Good luck. Don't buy on impulse. Find a guitar to fall in love with.


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Feb 13, 2012
Too late @kimme : once you will buy your first Gretsch, you will be trapped.
No escape, no redemption.
Gretsch guitars are dangerously addictive...
Most of us G-T members know this - including me, of course !
We are victims of :
- That Great Gretsch Sound,
- That Great Gretsch Look,

"Only a Gretsch is good enough" (Gibson ad)
"you won't part with your Gretsch either" (Fender ad)
Welcome to That Great GreTscH world !



Jul 20, 2017
South Dakota
I thinking about purchasing an Gretsch guitar in the future. What are the advice for an Strat guy ,with an love for HSH pickup sets?
SSS strat for me but I have a Broadway Jade Penguin and find the HS filtertrons to be close enough to singles and close enough to humbuckers without being all PAF like that I love just the two. Any chance to try out some Filtertron Gretsches?


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May 4, 2016
Peculiar, Missouri
Welcome to Gretsch-Talk, kimme!

I have been a Strat guy for a long time, too. I have 4 Strats, and each one has its own unique voice. When I bought my first Gretsch, I thought it was a niche guitar. As I played my first Gretsch, I found out that it is really a very versatile guitar. You won't find one that plays like a Strat, although there are Gretsch chambered body models that play similar to a Les Paul.

I agree that you should play a Gretsch or three in order to get a feel for a Gretsch, and to give an amp a chance to see how it can a interact with the guitar. Gretsch guitars are known for pairing well with Fender and Vox amps, although many here will tell you that Gretsch guitars are not limited to pairing with Fender and Vox. As I said, Gretsch guitars are versatile.


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Jan 17, 2020
Jack Plate, Oregon
Welcome to the madness! Yeah, there are not really any Gretsch guitars that are very much like a Gretsch. They are a whole different animal. But try a few, one might hook you and then it will be all over. Enjoy the Quest!