Hallmark Deke Dickerson Model I.


Aug 2, 2011
Long Island
Based off the early 1950's double neck that Semie Moseley built for Joe Maphis.
It's a bit big, it's a bit heavy (even chambered!), but the sound is amazing. Pickups based off the Carvin units from back in the day. Both together is a full and clear sound. Powerful!
This was another guitar I "mentioned" to my G/F and she searched and found one for me on Valentine's Day.
It's very, very well made. Beautiful inlays on the peghead. I added my name on it. I wanted it to look like it fell out of 1956.
Since then, Hallmark has done a Deke II mirroring a Tele-ish guitar that Semie made later for Don Rich.
These Hallmarks are something else! Bob Shade nailed it with the help of some ex-Mosrite employees.

Hallmark DD couch full.jpg Hallmark Sun body flame.jpg Hallmark Johnny.jpg

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