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Guitar Player: Vintage, Rare and Cool. This Gorgeous Cast of 1950s Gretsch White Falcons is a Collector’s Dream


Country Gent
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Feb 25, 2011
New England
My "while whale."

Always chased, never caught.

It's mine, too. What a dream guitar!

All the same, when I make my first million, I think I'm gonna commission the first Gretsch White Whale --19-inch bout, with a 4-inch body depth, and four pickups (quadrophonic!). It will also have an internal combustion engine, its own PA system, a wet bar, and a tremolo system like this one:



Country Gent
May 20, 2019
Brisbane, Australia
Man those pictures are fantastic, would love to make a framed poster out of one.

I love how they have yellowed over the years, never even thought of owning a Falcon since I started with Gretsch all those years ago, now I have one I don't think I could be with out one.