Gretsch White Falcon vs Gretsch Electromatic!


Jan 6, 2014
Los Angeles
I enjoyed this, but it's a bit of a cop-out to say (as these videos tend to!), "You can't really know, and you have to go try them out." I wonder if there are videos about this in which people come to solid conclusions about why they've gone with Prolines over Electromatics or vice-versa. I played a whole lot of guitars at all price points when I first went after a Gretsch, and found only one Electromatic that had the same feel to my hands as a Proline. And when I figured in the cost of putting in TVJs and considered resale, I bought a used Proline and never looked back.
Every comment here makes a good point. But I'd have to say, just in listening to the cleanest sounds offered, the Falcon most definitely came out brighter, clearer and with more definition. Yes, it would have a LOT to do with the pickups, as well as the unidentified amp & obvious pedals, which must have been the same for both, but the Falcon just had a richness to it that the Electromatic may have lacked. BUT, as has been said (by myself, too), each guitar has its own sound and use. Playability and such never entered into this video much, but I'd wager there's a notable difference. Materials used, finishing touches, hand polishing of fingerboards, etc., all contributes to the higher, or lower, prices. No doubt, the more budget-friendly guitars are FINE instruments and sound great, but for myself, given the choice, especially in instruments with a lot of workmanship in building 'em involved, I'd tend to try to go for the best I could afford. For me it's been the Prolines all the time, but I confess, my Strat is a MIM, bought from a friend, that I absolutely LOVE playing, and it sounds fabulous! ( I've made some mods to it, to be sure. I DO notice small issues, though, that I suspect higher end instruments wouldn't have.) In THIS video, honestly, I thought the two sounded damned good together! Nice playing, too! Cheers!
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