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    I actually like Seger and Tull. "Bungle" has the great line in it, "He Who made kittens put snakes in the grass, tee hee hee." I don't know if it's the same song, but, "The Boys Are Back In Town" from the Eddie Murphy movie "48 Hours", performed by the Busboys, is a serious rocker.

    YMMV. Each to their own. Variety is the spice of life. And so on.
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    That is horrid!
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    May 1, 2012
    All things Billy Joel. Hate every note out of his mouth.
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    People dislike songs I like, too. I don't dislike everything by any of those musicians, but those songs in particular are "I might pretend I'm taking a smoke break, even though I don't smoke, just so I can leave wherever it is playing for five minutes"-level bad to me.

    Overall, while I respect the artists/bands involved, and other than a few long time favorites (Beatles, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, a few others), I will willingly listen to maybe one in ten "classic" rock hit songs willingly.
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    I am 100% with you on this. It sounds like Axel Rose covering Tiny Tim covering a Guns & Roses power ballad.
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  8. Noparadise

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    Jan 29, 2017
    The S & G original is fine, a classic of course. But this had a *lot* of airplay on a station that was on where I used to work. I cannot tell you how much I hate it. It reminds me of U2's "Lemon" in that the video makes it even worse.
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    Did I get this wrong?

    Do I name the songs I can’t take because they’re lame & popular,
    or because they are so over-played that I can’t stand them, irrespective of how good, or iconic they are?

    I ain’ta gonna listen to the usual suspects that can haunt me for hours at a time.
    Seeing them named is enough. The ones I’ve never heard of, I don’t dare open.

    “Hey, I’m sequestered here.”
    Then I played a bit of “Lemon.”
    Oh, yeah. Now I remember.

    Muskrat Marionettes in Lounge Love.
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    Is that Slash?

    Neighbor says, “I’m going to buy a guitar & learn to play.
    Do you know a good costume designer?”

    Lip syncs are back in style again.
  11. Runamok

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    Aug 25, 2017
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    I feel similarly about Mose Allison: Excellent music, for someone else.
    Though, who am I to critique them? Everybody has a right to sing their song.

    Exempting Muskrat Love from that declaration.
    I have my gagging earwig for the day.
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  12. Synchro

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    Jun 2, 2008
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    The Shatner stuff is pretty funny, IMO. Such a serious character doing absolute shtick.

    I sort of liked Al Stewart.

    The Captain and Tennille made sense at the time. The musicianship was top notch.

    Anything by Janis Ian, IMO, should be avoided at all costs. I never heard so much self pity in one place. :)
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  13. Gregor

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    Oct 17, 2018
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    One of my least liked, if not the most disliked, songs ever! If you can even call it a song...ridiculous!
  14. Synchro

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    Jun 2, 2008
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    That’s an excellent point. As an example, when the Girl From Ipanema first came out, it was very well received. After a few years, it was recorded by everyone and their dog. I couldn’t stand listening to it a few years after it came out. But it’s not a bad song.

    It’s also musically quite interesting, in that the chord structure and tone centers used are somewhat rare, though not all that musically “out there”. It stars on an F Maj7 chord for two bars, which anchors it to F Major. The next chord is two bars of a G dom 7, which would suggest a tone center of C, but it uses and oddity of theory which allows melodic minors to have a dom 7 on either the fourth or fifth degree. So the G7 is actually the IV chord of D melodic minor. Because D melodic minor has both a C# and a D natural, it’s completely kosher to play that G7 as a G7 b5, and it sounds beautiful. It’s quite rare for a dom 7 to be a IV chord, but it is possible, and quite beautiful.

    The next chord, at measure 5, is a Gm7, which is treated as the II chord of F Major, and then, in bar 6, it resolves through the V (C dom 7) and back to the F Maj 7 as the I chord I measure 7. In measure 8, it goes to an F# 7 b5, as a b5 substitute for the normal V chord of C7. There is some real potential for inventive improv in just these 8 bars.

    If you interpret the C7 in measure 6 as a C7b9, you could use a Half-tone, Whole-tone scale starting on C as a tone center of sorts and add a lot of interest to the mix.

    The Astrud Gilberto version of the song is beautiful, straightforward and not at all schmaltzy. Had everyone not jumped on the bandwagon with their own versions, many of which completely lost the feel of the original, I believe that the song would be remembered much more fondly. BTW, I still play it as a chord-melody piece.
  15. Synchro

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    Jun 2, 2008
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    ‘74 was a suck year in many ways. I really hated that year and there was a lot of awful music released. Seasons in the Sun was pretty close to the the bottom of the barrel, but my next post will nominate my top pick for song I hate from ‘74.
  16. Synchro

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    Jun 2, 2008
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    Billy, Don’t Be A Hero.

    Who in the hell thought that this piece of garbage was worth the investment to produce? I could eat a bowl of chili with onions and produce a better sounding song, shall we say, bodily. :)
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    Jun 2, 2008
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    Guess what I’ll be sending you as a gift. :) I’ll both agree and disagree. IMO, they did some brilliant material, but by the end, they could have recorded a lawn mower back-firing and people would have said it was brilliant. I liked them best in the first half of their recording career. Thereafter, there were some gems, but a lot of it wasn’t worth the time it took to listen to the record.
  18. Synchro

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    OMG! That is beyond horrid. A song, a striptease video and then he finally offs himself, which could only be improved upon if he had done it before he sang that song.

    If you ever actually do violence to that wuss, I was having a beer with you, fifty mile away, at the time of the crime. :)
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  19. Runamok

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    I would propose these in Baez are worth the time:
    (for the 2 guys under 30 on here)

    For Ramona
    Who Do You think I am?
    Don't Think Twice
    Forever Young

    More than 4 in succession may exceed recommended dosage.
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