Gretsch Model That Doesn't Exist


Mar 7, 2011
If you could design a Gretsch model that doesn't exist, what would it be?

I've argued for mine for years - a true hollow body Jet, basically a full scale 2 pickup Rambler (or a Gretsch version of the Guild Aristocrat.)

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I sold this one to Phil years ago, wish I had it still!

I would like to see Gretsch reissue the original 1959 Country Gentleman with the switches and mahogany color, and also the Super Chet withe the abalone inlays. Also the 1960 thin line Country Club.


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Apr 14, 2020
I’d like to see a center block double-cut model with a traditional neck angle, a B6 V-cut Bigsby, and color options including an orange-red inspired by an Arizona sunset. Oh wait ….

I would prefer it to have the chambered center block of the newer center block models, but that is highly negotiable.

Ditch that ill-conceived “familiar” (flattish) Fender-like neck angle and tension bar Bigsby.
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Feb 24, 2021
A "Mini Rat Rod", e.g. 2.25" thick, same body shape with the lower bout diameter reduced from 16" to 14". With a TUSQ XL nut, and a less string strainful headstock similar to a Breedlove.

Or, simply reissue the Baldwin Era Blackhawk complete with a "tuning fork bridge", but with a 14" lower bout diameter.


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Feb 12, 2009
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I would second the first post by DrM. The rambler is one pickup and an inch and a half away from being possibly the coolest guitar Gretsch ever made. But to be fair, I've never actually played one. I might be perfectly fine with the 23" scale. The internet says I wouldn't, but I'm starting to suspect that the internet isn't always the best judge of what I would and wouldn't like.


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Apr 9, 2014
Hollow body double cut jet with one (maybe 2) cat eye hole. Kinda inspired by the Gibson Johnny A.

Ive considered long scale, but after getting a long scale bass and played long scale guitars, ease of playability is paramount to me, which means short scale for me.


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Feb 13, 2012
1) A lefty Electromatic (or Pro Line, for that matter..) Jet with a Bigsby. Just about anything lefty with a Bigsby would be appreciated. They used to offer more for the sinister folks.
That's true. Well, this problem can be adressed via a modded Electromatic G5220LH 😎🙂 :


2) A lefty Annie Jr....
Does it exists ? The Annie yes, but the Junior ? 🤔

3) A lefty CS/Stern Dr. Milktruck signature Country Club with the lavender colors like the one that the Dr. got rid of.
I don't see... I know that Dr. Milktruck is fan of Blue, but ? 😯

4) A lefty Playboy amp.
No... Here you are exagerating, @ishtar ! 😄😉


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