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    As a lucky old man, I have been fortunate to accumulate a few Gretsch guitars along the journey. I have a 5135 Corvette, a 5420T, a 5622T, and 5422T I bought gently used, mismarked as a 5420T. All of these guitars have one thing in common……almost flawless fretwork. I like a really low action, and I have been able to get all of these guitars set to my liking. I wish I could say the same with a brand starting with the “ E”. I have tried three of the “ E “ brand standard guitars, and had to send all three back due to serious fret issues, one of them a “Signature” model. So, it’s Gretsch for me when I want a guitar I know will have a great chance of getting an easy to set up guitar. I can’t find anybody willing to do any serious fret work in my area, so, if I want an “E “ brand guitar to be set up well, I suppose it will be off to a Plek machine before I get it. In my mind, just about any electric guitar brand with pricing over 350 bucks should not have serious fret work flaws.
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