Gretsch Census


Sep 23, 2011
The 'Shwa, Ontario, Canada
1. Caddy green 6196T Country Club
2. Flame maple 6120
3. Double green 6118 Anniversary (AKA World's Greatest Guitar)
4. 6119-1962HT Tennessee Rose (AKA World's Second Greatest Guitar)
5. Sunburst 1960 6118 Anniversary
6. 5125 w/Dynasonics
7, 5129
8. 5122 w/TVJ Classics
9. 5422-12 12-string
10. 3151 Cat's Eye Historic
11. 6128TCG Caddy Green Duo Jet
12. 6128T-TVP Power Jet
13. 5135 Corvette CVT
14. 5225 Junior Jet II w/P90's


Jan 22, 2013

1997 6120 Duabe Eddy Greyburst
20XX 5120 Orange - my Beater
2012 5k Pro Jet Gold Top w/ bisgby

other than that a bunch of others including but not limited to:
Epiphone Swingster - Orange - plays and sound better than the 5120
1999 Epi Sheraton
gibbys, fenders etc

Scott Fraser

Country Gent
Jan 14, 2012
Los Angeles
G3161 Historic Series, orange
G5120, sunburst
G3700 Historic Series, sunburst

All stock, except for a Buzz Feiten Tuning System on the Streamliner.


The Marlin

Friend of Fred
Feb 2, 2011
Black Phoenix
Jag Tan Annie 125th LTV
Power Jet
Historic G3155
5120 with Tog P90's
Pro Jet
White Corvette with custom Hilotrons
G Love Corvette

....I like Corvettes.....



Sep 8, 2010
Asheville, NC

'89 6121 Roundup
'09 6196-TSP two-tone gray/violet Country Club
'? Electromatic 2403 Jet Club

Would love to add a new Anni Jr to that list but don't see that happening unless a Powerball win is in my future!


Jul 18, 2012
Melbourne, Australia
5120, Tenny, Annie. Chris Cheney Signature Model on the way. Fiance currently saving to buy me an LDS Falcon!



Dec 27, 2011
Wizard_23 where did u find a Chris Cheney model? That's gotta be one of the coolest falcons along with the david lee model


Jul 18, 2012
Melbourne, Australia
Wizard_23 where did u find a Chris Cheney model? That's gotta be one of the coolest falcons along with the david lee model

Ordered it through The Rock Inn in Perth. My understanding is that they can be "made to order" by getting in contact with an Australian dealer who then puts it in through Fender Australia.

Patience is the key, but the Rock Inn have been awesome to deal with and happy for me to pay it off in installments while it's being made.

They aren't cheap by a long shot, but the combination of specs and the fact that if it were not for Cheney I likely would be playing a Les Paul, I felt like it was important that I snagged one!
I've got eight Gretschs at the moment (hey-who can predict what trouble I'll get into by morning?). All are shown in my photo album (on this site). Shown below is some of my archtops resting in my Ultracase rack (very cool guitar stands) Missing form this shot are a 6192 and a Purple Hot Rod. Also in absentia is ES-295.

Hey what is that gorgeous wine red guitar model? That wood color is amazing!


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Dec 23, 2010
tappan ny
boyko, I just bought 3 more guitars today . Two of them ,I will be giving to Otterben for his stundents. I've told him that if he has any students that needs a guitar because his or her parents can't afford one ,that I will buy him or her one. I don't want to see a young kid that really wants to play guitar,not do so because they can't afford one. You know me , a soft hearted old fool!
It's nice seeing you and wenzel over here!

Nice thoughts Jukebox. I have the same " softspot " for a websight called " guitars for veterans " . I'm constantly looking for old guitars and always have that websight in the back of my mind. I even have the guy who works at our town dump keeping his eyes peeled