Greetings from the PNW!


May 16, 2022
Olympia, WA
I'm a newbie here looking to purchase my first Gretsch.

I've predominately played Teles and Strats for the last 20 years, and have taken the plunge on a few Les Pauls (only to sell them shortly thereafter), but I'm starting to feel those GAS pangs again— this time for a good hollowbody.

I initially figured I'd pick up a newer Annie PE—a professional-grade quintessential Gretsch that won't break the bank—but the deeper I dive, the more I'm drawn to the longer scale length and larger bodies of the Country Club and Falcons [and they're just so darn purdy to look at!🥲🥲].

Anyway, I'm grateful to have this forum and its plethora of information to further fuel my indecision!


Country Gent
Double Platinum Member
Jul 23, 2019
Welcome to the camp, I think we all know why you're here!

Not sure how I ended up here, but three Gretsches later, I am still learning about them. Enjoy the journey!

J Bird

Dec 2, 2016
Welcome. I'm also in Washington state. There are a couple of interesting listings on CL in the Seattle area, a White Falcon and 5129. Washington is a huge state and it may be that you are far, far away from Seattle.

Good luck on your quest.

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