Gibson Buys Mesa Boogie

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  1. afire

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    I didn't realize it was confirmed that that was their plan. I guess if you're going to own an amp manufacturer, you might as well use them to make your own amps too. Maybe it will be kind of like Victoria and Gretsch, minus the ownership component - they continue to make Mesas as usual with Gibson amps as a side project. Doesn't sound all bad to me.
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  2. Waxhead

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    Aug 30, 2014
    It is if you own and love MB amps :)

    The reason why MB is the best tube amp maker is because they have always been at the cutting edge of innovation. They don't do solid state or modelers. They don't do el cheapo re-issues of old amps. Their Mark series 1 to 5 amps were all better and different to the previous versions.

    Mesa also don't do heavy, one trick ponies that only do clean tones.
    The closest they've come is the Fillmore and California Tweed but these are still far more innovative and versatile than anything Fender have made. They are light years better than any old Gibson amp too.

    So if MB are forced into making 2nd rate re-issues of ancient Gibson amps that's a tragic waste of their resources and diverts them from doing what made them the worlds best tube amp maker. :(
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  3. Gretschmen65

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    May 20, 2016
    QLD Australia
    Standby for the Asian "range "of a great product. Price won't go down but they will be made in Asia. Just like the Trace Elliot amps which were once brilliant until acquired by Gibson
    and eventually distributed by Peavey.
    They are shy to disclose where the amps are manufactured now but the Peavey connection suggests Asia to me.
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  4. crossthestyx

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    Oct 20, 2020
    This is like watching a train wreck.
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  5. L Robbins

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    May 3, 2017
    RIP Mesa Boogie
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  6. fleetwoodPC

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    Nov 20, 2020
    Why is everybody down on this?
    Gibson is a company that grows by acquisition.
    For all you know, and I certainly don’t, mesa could have, and I certainly don’t, Mesa could have approached Gibson as they actually have some bargaining power.

    If I say fender does a guitar or an amp pop into your head?
    Either answer is correct but the same question with the word Gibson is going to usually result in a Les Paul.

    They need amps that match a LP in the same way a strat or tele is the natural partner to a fender amp.

    And mesa boogie really is that fit in my mind because when I think of examples of mesa boogie, the example that made me want to buy one, was Pete in the Who Are You video with A Les Paul with the DiMarzio supersize distortion and a stack of wicker Mesas.

    Fender has always marketed the fender sound but Gibson does not have that in a similar scale. There’s no Gibson sound in my mind... fender had variations all its pick ups but they were always the same pick up. Gibson had a humbucker, P90, mini humbucker, and whatever is in a Firebird which is probably my favorite of them all.

    Mesa boogie lets Gibson sell a Gibson sound. For those of you complain that just means the amp will get cheaper and not hand wired you’re going to have no problem finding other amps that are hand wired. What percentage of amp sales our boutique, hand wired, amps?

    I recently purchased offender GTX 100. It was the third half I purchased in three months. I sent back the katana boss and the positive grid spark... they simply just didn’t sound good out of the box.

    But that GTX 100, a $400 amp, is 95% as good as the $1500 tube Princeton deluxe I tried in the store. The modeling is that good and so there’s no reason I can’t be as good in a mesa boogie incarnation.

    To be able to buy something like a mesa boogie Mark II in wicker and exotic car with cabinet for let’s say under $1000 is severely appealing to me. Is it not to you?

    You’re concerned about Gibson quality on new instruments? OK, send them back, they’ll learn. Clearly they are testing different avenues of production costs and associated quality and seeing what’s the public will tolerate. Am I incorrect that I don’t hear the same amount of criticism about Epiphones?

    Despite my love for Fender over Gibson I think this is a major plus for Gibson. I can’t see any downside for the consumer and as far as you and I know it might be part of the deal to continue to have both boutique and solid-state options.

    thank goodness Gibson is there for Randall Smith because for whoever of you say that fender should’ve bought mesa boogie, the answer is why… What other amp except Marshall has such a strong signature sound. Fender doesn’t need to dilute their brand.

    Speaking of Marshall, imagine that PRS bought them....hmmm.
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  7. Tony65x55

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    Sep 23, 2011
    The 'Shwa, Ontario, Canada
    It seems to me that the new CEO of Gibson has been working pretty hard at elevating their quality control and the last Gibson I purchased is a really well-made guitar. No complaints at all.

    With that mindset, the purchase of MB makes sense, particularly if Gibson will be retaining the MB quality standard. Add to that, Gibson being able to re-release the GA40 and GA20 (great amps) that are being built to Mesa standards, then I see no downside to anyone. I'll buy one! Mesa can build a GA40 way better than Gibson ever did.

    It would be foolish for Gibson to lower MB's quality standards, particularly when the company enjoys such success because of it and because Gibson is trying hard to shake their reputation of shoddy quality.

    I think we should be watchful and see what happens. If they can make the relationship work there is nothing but good days ahead for both companies.
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  8. Gretschtim1

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    Dec 4, 2012
    Dundalk, Md
    Really? What about the Rectifier series of amps? The Dual Rectifier amp is a super heavy one trick pony - terrible clean tones on those amps. Just a distortion amp aimed at a style of music. It does a great job at that type of sound but not much else.
    Mesa Boogie is just like any other amp maker who started out with a one or two person vision and then the guy gets old or tired of the business and cashes out.
    It's just him and his wife, no kids interested in the amp business. Randall is 75 years old. I think he made a good decision compared to other options he may have had. He went with an icon company to carry on making his brand. No matter what you may think of them Gibson has been through a lot over the past 100 years and are still hanging in there. Still making good guitars built in the USA. Sure they are a bit expensive but hell so are Mesa Boogie amps. No matter who might have bought the company without Randall in charge things are going to change. How much is the big question. At this point I'm happy that Gibson has stated that how and where the amps are made will remain the same.
    There would have been no hope if some Chinese company bought them out and started making them in China. A company like Fender would have bought them up and retired the brand to get rid of competition. Yeah they kept Gretsch going because it's a niche brand that doesn't compete with anything Fender makes.
    Mesa makes amps that have always cut into Fender's amp market. They would have destroyed the Mesa brand had they bought them out. Chances are you would have seen Mesa/Fender hybrids like those terrible Fender amps from the 80s.
    I personally feel very positive about Gibson buying Mesa.
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  9. afire

    afire Country Gent

    Fender can't shut Gretsch down because Fred Gretsch still owns the company. Fender just has a contract to handle management, marketing and distribution.
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  10. BFTmarshall

    BFTmarshall Gretschie

    Jan 12, 2020
    The Triple Recto is def not a 1 trick mine at 16 ohm in a Marshall cab with tube/spongy there is some old school sag there & very usable clean tone if needed. Its all in user application. Dig all amps & find so much inspiration in variety.

    anyways..just got a very good trade offer on my MK3 Red Stripe.was downsizing but somehow 2 of the last amps was potentially seeking were offered. Fingers crossed till 2pm for the meet.
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  11. Gregtsch

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    Dec 29, 2020
    Cardiff By The Sea CA
    Me pre-Gibson era Mesa Lone Star Special already has better tone than thise Gibson-era ones.
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  12. bigjohnbates

    bigjohnbates Gretschie

    Jun 15, 2011
    From what I understand Mesa was in some financial trouble. And Gibson has had stellar amps in the past, from the early one to the Goldtone series in the 90's. I still have a GA-15RV that is an awesome amp. So I for one am looking forward to what this partnership brings.
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  13. bigjohnbates

    bigjohnbates Gretschie

    Jun 15, 2011
    Never heard of an Sdisn-made, I've owned 4 of them. But you could be correct. Either way there is a lot of mis-information on this thread.
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  14. bigjohnbates

    bigjohnbates Gretschie

    Jun 15, 2011
    Fender doesn't own Gretsch, they have distribution and manufacturing deals.
  15. Waxhead

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    Aug 30, 2014
    You mightn't like the cleans tones on the first Rectifiers 25 years ago but it's far from a 1 trick pony. There's been many iterations of the Rectifer since and they're all different and better than previous models. Since the Rectifier Roadster they've all had Lonestar cleans and reverb.

    This is what Rectifier looks like now

    On the weight issue they released the Mini Rectifier. It has Lonestar cleans/reverb and weighs 12 pounds

    The old Dual Rectifier has 3 channels and does everything through the gain range from clean to high gain.
    It does 50 and 100w, has independent EQs, clean and pushed modes, plus a loop.
    At time of making it was a revolutionary amp that has been copied by many amp makers ever since.

    I agree with everything else you say :)

    If Gibson change MB into making re-issues of old Gibson amps it will be a huge waste of their expertise and innovation skills. This is suggested in their press release but we'll just wait and see :)
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  16. lbrous2

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    Nov 23, 2017
    Fender already owns everything else. They are the Mister Potter of the music business.
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  17. lbrous2

    lbrous2 Electromatic

    Nov 23, 2017
    I think they need the quality that Mesa would project in their line. They may have finally made a smart buy.
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  18. lbrous2

    lbrous2 Electromatic

    Nov 23, 2017
    Mesa would also like to stay in business
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  19. Gold Penguin

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    Dec 18, 2020
    Long Island, New York
    I never was a Mesa kinda guy.
    Cool amps but just not for me.
    Gibson in their infinite wisdom have probably
    given Mesa the Italian "kiss of death"
    Bye bye Boogie!
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  20. lbrous2

    lbrous2 Electromatic

    Nov 23, 2017
    Suffolk or Nassau? I'm from Amityville.
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