Get Back - Going to Watch?


Sep 23, 2021
Gold Coast, Australia
Have watched the first 2 parts and watching part 3 now. It's such an amazing insight into the inner workings of the Beatles. I empathise with Harrison and Ringo. It seemed like if it was a Harrison or Ringo song they weren't given as much time to work through as a Lennon or McCartney song. Like they had to figure it out themselves almost completely before they came to the studio. But songs like Let it Be, Get Back or Don't Let Me Down were worked on as a band for days.


Apr 5, 2014
They dont use any effects in rehearsals or on the roof. Its guitars into a twin, or so it seems, and a bass into a bassman of sorts. No other effects. I cant get a good glimpse of the PA or monitors. But they make all the simplicity work.
George is clearly using some kind of wah and phaser.


Country Gent
Jun 11, 2015
Portland, OR
I believe George was running his Tele thru a Leslie rotating speaker cabinet, at least in the studio. That would account for the "phaser" type effect. But yeah, minimal pedal use in general. Look at the rooftop shots, I don't see a single one!

Part 3 was fun, I love how they just left the constables waiting in the foyer and kept on playing on the roof. Stick it to the Man, Lads! Ha!

And then George discussing how he'd like to do a solo project. Obviously, he was already envisioning a post-Beatle life, and with a portfolio of songs like the ones that became All Things Must Pass, yeah - why not! Can't blame him.

One thing I did note - the complete omission of Across The Universe, a song that featured prominently in the original movie. I don't think we even heard a snippet of it. I wonder why ...

Anyway, I enjoyed it. And now that's it's done, I never have to watch it again. That was a big enough Beatles fix to last many, many years!


Country Gent
Mar 22, 2019
Watched two of the three so far (and it isn't three two-hour episodes as I've watched six hours already!)
I'm surprised how many "Abby Road" titles they have written already, then I remember that Abby Road came out in the Fall of '69 and Let It Be not until May 0f '70.


Nov 21, 2009
When they finally get to the concert, it seems like the fun in the entire experience. Even Paul and George, who didn't want to go to the roof, were clearly having a good time. Pretty tight band.