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George Harrison | Orange Gretsch


Apr 28, 2021
I have always been a huge George Harrison fan. I watched the Carl Perkins rehearsal for a big show with several high-profile rockers like Eric Clapton and many more on Youtube. Goerge Harrison is featured in the show and can be seen playing a Gretsch. I'm not sure what kind of Gretsch George is playing.

Does anyone know

I have provided a link is some rehearsal footage of the show. I have copied and pasted the article, which is now archived, and I can't get a link.

Carl Perkins, George Harrison, Rosanne Cash, Dave Edmunds, Eric Clapton, et al and rehearsals and during the taping of the Blue Suede Shoes TV special, 21 October 1985; photos by Alan Davidson.

George played a guitar that had been a Christmas present from Olivia a few years earlier:
“You know, I’ve always wanted one of them orange Gretsches with a big ‘G’ stamped on it. I finally got one - my wife [Olivia] got me the one I used on the Carl Perkins program for Christmas a couple of years ago - except it didn’t have a ‘G’ on it.” - George Harrison, Guitar Player, November 1987 (x)
“[George] just opened the door himself in jeans, a sweater and his slippers. He was very sweet. He has a genuine personality that just wants things to be good.” - Rosanne Cash (on being invited to dinner at Friar Park with some of the other musicians ahead of the TV special), People, 24 March 1986
“I had a moment with George. We stood in the wings waiting to go on, as he was going on right after me. He was nervous. When I noticed that he was nervous, I almost stopped being nervous myself. He wished me luck as I went on. I went out and did my two songs, and came off. George gave me a little hug, said I was great. I lamented that I had not been as good as at rehearsal and he said, ‘It’s always that way. Rehearsal is always better.’” - Rosanne Cash, While My Guitar Gently Weeps: The Music Of George Harrison (x)
“George really admired Carl Perkins and really helped that style live on, that beautiful rockabilly style that Carl had.” - Tom Petty, Genesis Publications/Concert for George
“Carl is such a sweet fellow and obviously he influenced me a great deal when I was young. I was so into his music. Well, I still am. I just got all his old Sun Records originals on CD and they still sound great.” - George Harrison, Living In The Material World (x)
“Carl is such a sweet fellow, he’s such a lovely man, and obviously he influenced me a great deal when I was young. I was so into his music - well, I still am. I just got all his old Sun Records originals on a CD now. [chuckles] And they still sound great.” - George Harrison, RTE, October 1987
“[George] told me, ‘If it hadn’t been for your Dad, I don’t know that I would have ever even picked up a guitar.’” - Stan Perkins, Forbes, 31 May 2011 (x)
“I got on a plane with my son Stan and I went to George Harrison’s house, we sat down, and we talked about it. He was very nervous. He hadn’t done anything live in a long time. I got a lot of help from Olivia, his wife, who said, ‘George, you’ll do great! You’ll do great, don’t worry about it.’ He said, 'I don’t know, I don’t know.’ I said, 'I do — you’re gonna knock them out!’ And he was very nervous about it, but he said 'I’m going to do it.’” - Carl Perkins, Goldmine, 6 November 1998 (x)



Friend of Fred
Feb 12, 2009
Where the action is!
The closest Gretsch came to a '57 reissue was the 6120-DSV from about 15 years ago. There's one on Reverb presently: