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    We have opened up this gear review area within the forum so that we can share some of our gear encounters, something especially helpful to members living in areas where there are few Gretsch guitars on display in music stores. Reviews of all pertinent gear will be welcome in this area which will serve as a collection point of gear review threads. Please keep in mind the following guidelines:

    This forum is for gear reviews only: It's OK to ask a question about a piece of gear that has been reviewed here but please don't start a thread just to ask a question. If, for example, you have an question about an amp that has not been reviewed in this section please ask that question in the amp section of Gretsch-Talk . . . and so forth. If, on the other hand, you want to write a review of a piece of gear you have played or a piece of gear you have owned this is the place to do it.

    Stay focused on the gear: We want people to get accurate pre-sales information to help them to make a good choice.

    Constructive criticism is helpful: If you don't like a piece of gear tell us why but do so in a constructive, not a destructive fashion.

    This is not the place to settle warranty issues: If you have a warranty problem writing a negative review probably won't solve it.

    Tell us about the setup you are using in the test: If you're testing a guitar please mention the amp(s) used, if you are testing an amp please mention the guitar(s) used.

    Let us know if you own the gear or are just testing it in a store, trying a friend's guitar, etc: Real world experience with an instrument is hard to beat. If you are gigging with a certain piece of gear that's information from which we we all can benefit.

    A thank you to the store is OK: If you are testing a piece of gear at a store it's probably a good idea to give them a little thank you online. It lets other forum members know where that piece of gear is in stock.

    Don't be a shill for or against a piece of gear: If you're affiliated please mention it in your post. If you are planning on posting only to pan the competition, please don't. We want accurate information.

    Disagree lovingly: If you don't agree with the results of a review feel free to say why but keep it respectful and friendly. The Internet is huge and there's plenty of room for dissenting opinions.

    Take ownership of your opinions and give reasons why: If you don't like a guitar just saying it sucks doesn't help a prospective buyer. Saying something like; "It doesn't work for my needs because it's not versatile enough" gives the reader useful information and states a reason for your opinion.

    Have fun: Self explanatory.
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