G5655T and Cobalts?

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    Jun 9, 2021
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    I don't see a lot of threads on the 5655s, are they not a popular model? One thing I saw a lot of is that they're higher output, and more of a "rock" guitar, neither of which I have a problem with. I also put on 12-56 Cobalt with a wound third, both because my hands are huge and have the strength for it (I suppose this matters more to the 55-110 Cobalts on my bass), but also because they're higher output, which goes along with the guitar.

    To that same thought, I don't see a lot of talk about Cobalts in here. For as much as I hear the bass strings complained about because they're "bright" (even though they actually get more of an increase at the low end than the high end), I'd expect them to be popular for what is typically thought of as a Gretsch sound.

    Will I run into any problems using strings that heavy? Other than them being so short that they can barely wrap around the peg, not sure if Ernie Ball is trying to save money on metal, but I don't remember this issue on my strat with a longer scale.

    Obligatory "pet tax" attached. Yes, my band plays Palaye Royale covers, no, I didn't copy the look of Sebastian's guitar intentionally.
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    Congratulations, it looks beautiful!
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    Sep 7, 2020
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    Dec 18, 2020
    Very nice guit!

    Cobalts and NYXLs and the like are great strings, I've tried them a few times. The reason I stick with regular strings is that my style includes a whole lot of bending and fretting hand vibrato. So I'm already a fret killer. I've noticed the 'super strings' contribute even more wear to the frets, presumably because of harder alloys. But I don't think most people strangle their guitar quite the way I do, and probably don't have to worry about it much.
  5. Sid Nitzerglobin

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    Jun 8, 2015
    I haven't particularly liked the Ernie Ball Cobalts I've tried. They seemed to have a whole lot of zing to the sound & felt like 10 year old strings in texture fresh out of the pack, YMMV of course. It's not too awfully expensive to try a set & see what you think.

    I use NYXL .046-.010 w/ a wound .018 3rd strings on my 5655-TCB Double Jet (& most of my other guitars, although probably more w/ an unwound 3rd) & love them.
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    I like your G5655T, it's a great looking beast. Never liked the cobalt strings I've tried though... They felt weird to me.
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