G5622T Strap Knob Screw is loosening itself


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May 6, 2017
Congrats and a great looking Gretsch. If you’ve bonded with it there’s no need to exchange it. An easy fix is a bit of wood glue and a small wooden piece in there, then add strap locks once dry. I’ve seen people even use toothpicks and glue and it held fine. If you just bought it they may even repair it for free if it were local.

I’ve got to say, as cool as the old school Gretsch strap system is… I sort of feel it should be left for those vintage correct ones as I’ve never gotten along with them. Although I’m sure there’s others that disagree with me on that one.


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Mar 20, 2010
The Gretsch strap buttons look cool but in reality they’re pretty useless! Every Gretsch I’ve owned has had the problem of these working lose especially when playing live.
I replace mine with Schaller strap locks.

I couldn't agree more with the strap buttons, cools looks until the guitar comes crashing down onto the floor.

You are wise to replace them before catastrophe strikes.

The right hand strap buttons are better, but still are prone to come loose.
I hate to admit this, at this stage after doing hundreds of floor crash repairs, I would have to say it is not if, but when.

The strap locks rotate around a sintered pin. The ability to rotate freely stops the screws from backing out. I have experienced too many failures along with other regret stories. In my own opinion, Strap locks are so much cheaper than paying for an expensive repair.


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May 1, 2012
I just dealt with this on my 6119 by putting superglue on the threads and screwing the base part in and letting it cure. Once it cured, I could unscrew the top part without the base coming out.


Dec 31, 2016
Glad I found this thread, as one of the strap knob screws on my 6136 is starting to loosen. The advice here helps a lot! Thanx!


Nov 27, 2021
Thanks for all your advice so far...

Today my set of Schaller S Locks did arrive.
Working in home office, I was able to mount the first strap lock (the one towards the guitar's neck) immediately.
Although the Schaller screws seem nearly the same size as the original screws, apparently these are a bit thicker, which led to two small cracks in the guitar lacquer finish. Please see the two pictures attached.
I think this might have come due my Gretsch's full lacquered finish.
I hope that the underlying wood isn't affected too.

If it's just the finish, I think I can live with it - better than having the guitar drop to the ground due to a loose strap lock.
At list, the Schaller lock seems to fit tightly.

On the other hand, I currently don't dare to drive the Schaller screw also into the guitar's rear.The screw will have to drive through the Bigsby, I cant tell what damage it might cause there.
Fortunately, the rear strap lock screw seems tighter mounted, than the one at the neck has been.



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