G5434TG Electromatic Pro Jet mods (Off Kiltertron pickups and more)...


Mar 1, 2009
San Diego, CA
I'm likely soon going to grind out the bridge's treble-side post hole a teeny bit so as to be able to reduce the bridge's angle across the guitar's top; this particular bridge, as purchased, showed up with its post holes a little too tight, tolerance-wise, to sit the way yours does.

Probably going to work on the pickguard a bit, as well, as I'm finding its string-side edge rests too high and thus too close for (my unimpeded playing) comfort to the high E string.
Yes, I've heard of mixed results from others about the holes being slightly snug in some cases. Probably a combination of bridge and post tolerances and varies on each guitar. The one on my 5120 needed a bit of work... was the combination of the stud not being quite parallel to each other + bridge holes. But my 5435 was almost a drop in. I still took a exacto rat-tail file and just cleaned up BOTH slotted holes a tad and it was enough for a smooth slip-fit on the studs. Besides, unless you go crazy-stupid on it, it won't show.
My 5435 pickguard edge is slightly higher to the strings near the bridge pickup as opposed to the neck pickup side... but not enough to bother me and it doesn't bother my playing style.


Apr 7, 2011
Alameda, CA
Wow, thanks guys!!! I'm so glad I'm not the only off kilter one here. ;)

I've got a mess of bobbins ready for winding, so hit me up if you want to find out more.

Other thoughts - I really like the Wilkinson bridges: they're very adjustable but everything screws down in place so it's the closest an adjustable bridge gets to being a solid bar. I've also run into the issue with the post slots in the bridge not being quite wide enough for the posts, but nothing a little filing on the inside of the slot can't fix.

Also - @Lacking Talent's guitar is even prettier in person and plays well. I've never tried a zero/nut before but it's pretty cool. Does the nut with same tone as frets well. I prefer proper zero frets because they make bending at the first fret bendier, but it's a neat compromise.
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Lacking Talent

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Aug 5, 2010
Los Angeles, CA
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Mel installed the OffKilterTrons in my DblJet and they are spectacular. Mel is a wizard and one of the coolest guys I know. Couldn’t recommend the pickups more highly.

And for those that might not be aware, that's Cave Valley Amps holding his own Off Kiltertron equipped Gretsch next to @MelWaldorf in the pic above, and that fella has probably forgotten more about great tone than the likes of me'll ever learn!

Though, y'know, at the end of the day, science has determined that tone is (mostly) in the poker chip!


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