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    I was in the Marines and one of my tours was in Iwakuni Japan. Just anE3 at the time my roommate and I were warned to stay out of the O think he was a Master Sergeants was in maintenance control. Well one day we get a call to go visit him. He is fit to be tied, what haven’t we fixed tue FA18 GCU’s in for work. So many Sittig there that the birds were actually down only maybe six flying. We kept ordering non foaming oil to run in the test station, you can’t run them up without it. So we tell the “man” that we need bubbles oil. He is now on a mission and says he will get us the stuff and by golly, not his words, we will get these GCU’s running once it is in even if it takes a week straight of working in tue varied or shed. A week goes by and we have out Gunny yelling at us. Get your bits over to the Master sergeant! What the heck did you do to piss him off? We head over laughing our butts off because we know what happened. We walk in he starts yelling but can’t keep a straight face and starts laughing. He was almost kn tears, still using choice names for us he says why didn’t you just tell me it was non foaming hydraulic oil. So we reply, that wouldn’t be as much fun! That month of mess duty was worth it and we were his go to guys from then on. Never had an problem with him again.
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    Good memory
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    Never a good idea to irritate the Zebras.
    Most top noncoms have no sense of humor.
    2nd Louies are even worse.
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    When I was on Facebook he sent me a friend request it took me a bit of thinking to remember him. The maintenance SNCO seemed to remember us but we had a reputation for getting things fixed correct the first time quickly. We were promised 30 days leave when we got back from that det. Sadly when we got the the shop the gunny went straight on leave and the staff told us no leave because there was so much xrep, gear broken causing planes to be grounded, sitting and waiting to be fixed. There were almost all rent a corporals, and none knew how to get it done. So we made a deal with the staff get everything off xrep and we get our leave. We had the shop cleared in less than 8 hours and three pieces awaiting a lot of parts. We got our leave.
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    When I think about it almost all the mstsgt and above had a pretty good sense of humor but they were not adverse to making you pay for it. After a good chuckle.

    hhaha I got out o a. Review board once after an electronics test. Missed almost every questions literally only got the first three or four right. The board consisted of four men a Sargent and staff Sargent in the Marines and a first class petty I officer and a Master Chief in the Navy. I was grilled on the questions, every question multiple times. Didn’t miss a one. The Master Chief says you obviously know the material have you figured out what you did wrong. Well I did. It was one of those multiple choice tests where you color in a circle. Apparently I skipped a line in my haste to get done fast or in my stupor form a all night party, could have been either.
    This is when the Master Chief made his big mistake. He asked me a question after a crazy comment. You just don’t do that to smart ass Jarheads.

    He says, “ Bertotti I think you’re just to dumb to be in this program perhaps I should transfer you to tue Navy and make you a shark repellent tester. What do you think of that?”

    In hindsight this may have been tue Staff Sargents mistake because I did it think it was a question to answer and the Master Chief didn’t seem to want an answer but the GungHo Staff says, “Bertotti the Master Chief asked you a question so you better answer!”So I did. I replied with a very reasonable question, I said, “Master Chief would I get hazardous duty pay?”
    The Sargent was almost in tears, the Master Chief was almost in tears, the first class was showing signs of a squid melt down and the Staff was laying into me but good. The Master Chief stops him then say sets me back two weeks in training while I get barracks and grounds for that time. Got promoted a week later! Hahhaha

    come one guys I know you have some good stories as well. Let’s here them. They almost always make me laugh!
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