Finished the Tele thinline mods


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Dec 27, 2017
I picked up a absolutely mint condition 11 yr old Fender 72’ Tele Thinline reissue for a killer price a few months ago. I knew when I got it what I was going to do to it. I only changed my mind about one mod.

Neck first; the 7 1/4” radius, 1.650” nut width and thin profile was not going to work for my old hands. I ordered a Warmoth 59’ round back with 1 11/16” nut, 10” -16” radius and medium jumbo frets with the 3 bolt micro tilt. I put on my favorite vintage style tuners when it arrived; Gotoh ones that have three different staggered heights. I went with non roasted Maple to retain the period correct vintage look.

While I waited the few months for the neck I replaced the pots, wiring, switch, jack and jack cup with quality parts.

The original bent steel saddles were palm killers with the adjustment screws sticking up, even with short screws. I replaced them with some nice ones where the screws are recessed and the saddles are slotted yet they retain the vintage look.

I had read about reissue pickups not being as good as the the original 72’ ones but I was pleasantly surprised by the reissues. I had planned to change them to the more vintage spec 72’s but these had a great Tele twang from the bridge and nice warm tones from the neck….They stayed.

03569FE3-34BA-413B-8D50-A06786FD4A48.jpeg 62C83DBF-B2FD-42A4-8DAA-668549269DFB.jpeg 19BA6112-82CC-4B2C-BC79-D9A1834E6323.jpeg CDBDE1D6-0BC5-411F-97F0-6D8AA51DFA40.jpeg 75BF091D-87E6-43A2-8FF3-938ECEBEDFD7.jpeg 6A0483B9-7EFE-42CB-8FC5-A8B4B66C9268.jpeg B92F95DD-88D0-4B10-8FBD-B11C9C9C2387.jpeg 9019763C-6891-45F6-8700-5A08EBD74930.jpeg
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Friend of Fred
Dec 27, 2017
Look good, as all your guitars do, I have a soft spot for these as my guitar teacher when I was younger had one and I learnt a lot from him.

Thanks for the kind words

You're killin' me. Not buying another guitar till I find the right one of those. That would have done it.

I have been after one for a few years that was in good enough shape ane cheap enough to justify the upgrades. I almost went with a stunning Japanese Fender version but then I found out that the neck pockets on the Japanese ones are slightly different so the neck I wanted might not fit

Cool,nice flamed neck too!

That was a nice surprise, just how beautiful the neck is with that vintage nitro finish.

Sid Nitzerglobin

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Jun 8, 2015
Nice, congrats!

That's really nice looking neck.

Those fairly recent CuNiFe WRHBs from Fender are the real deal IMO. I've liked a couple of the sets of the earlier WRHB RIs in guitars that came w/ them too, but the new ones seem awfully close in tone & feel/dynamics to the originals I've had or tried.


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May 4, 2016
Peculiar, Missouri
radd, I played a '72 Thinline Tele at a GC when I was killing some time, and I was very impressed by what I heard, and felt. Since I wasn't in the buying mode at the time, I put it back and went home. I have tried a couple of other Teles (a Thinline Deluxe, and an American Standard), but just haven't hit it off with either of those Teles. Now you've got me thinking about the '72 Thinline again . . . just when I thought I was done buying any more guitars!

Congrats on your good find, and your mods sound like great upgrades!


Jun 18, 2013
I love these! Totally beautiful, and I have the ‘59 round back on two of my guitars. SUCH a great profile. :)


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Aug 30, 2014
Yup, CTS 500k

good - that will make the biggest improvement.
Fender have a long time design fault going on their 2 x HB deluxe models.
For reasons unknown they put 250k pots in them stock.

I know you like the stock pups but if you stick something like Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates in and split coil them it will take your Tele to another level again with options for either humbucker or single coil tones :)

I did this with my MiM Tele Deluxe and it made a huge improvement.

Having tried a bunch of humbuckers over the years the SD Pearly Gates are my fav's :)