Finally getting a GRETSCH!!!!

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  1. ZanesDaddy73

    ZanesDaddy73 Electromatic

    I have always dreamed of owning a GRETSCH!

    So I am 44 years old and am disabled due to heart issues... (4 heart attacks and 3 heart surgery's) I have been fighting for disability since 2015... I was just approved! As a reward to myself I am getting a new Gretsch and some gear with my back pay!

    I have been playing for 31 years
    Here is my gear:
    81 Gibson ES-347,
    PRS SE Custom 22
    Vintage Modified '70s Stratocaster
    A Martin Custom X Series
    A Baby Taylor
    Olympia By Tacoma
    I use a Wireless Line 6 G10.... amazing...
    My amp is a Lab Series L5 2x12 100w form 1981 (the reverb and the compressor don't work) But it still sounds amazing!
    I use an Line 6 Amplifi TT for my effects.... Works well but I have seriously outgrown it :)

    Now comes the fun part... What do I get? I am leaning towards a Brian Setzer hot rod - tuxedo black... But that will take $2700 of my budget.

    I have also been looking at the Gretsch 5422T Electromatic... If I went that rout I would change the pickups for the Brian Setzer ones. I would also throw a B6 on there with locking tuners.

    My 3rd choice is a G5420T I would do the same upgrades as above. IMG_2411.JPG

    I am just trying to save a bit for a new amp and effects....WHAT TO DO!!! LOL!

    Anyways I love to read all the posts on here have a good one!
  2. Welcome to the forum, ZT73. Be well
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  3. wilblee

    wilblee Country Gent

    May 23, 2013
    TX Hill Country
    First of all, welcome to the forum.

    My advice, buy a used post-FMIC (anything after 2003) Proline. That should leave enough for a nice amp upgrade.
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  4. Hydroman

    Hydroman Gretschie

    Feb 29, 2016
    FUNtucky, Ca.
  5. ZanesDaddy73

    ZanesDaddy73 Electromatic

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  6. thunder58

    thunder58 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Dec 23, 2010
    tappan ny
    Admin Post
    Welcome to the forum friend . Best with finding the right Gretsch
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  7. russmack

    russmack Country Gent

    May 1, 2017
    ballina australia
    Hi ZD. We both seem to have similar health issues.

    We could meet up and compare notes, if I could only find a tele-transporter to get me to to CA. And back. It's a round-trip 14,000 miles.

    Out of the question.

    Here's wishing you well.

    And welcome.

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  8. hcsterg

    hcsterg Friend of Fred

    Feb 13, 2012
    I'd go for a G5420T or a G5620T in Fairlane Blue... Maybe because it doesn't exist in LH !

    Any Gretsch of any level have That Great Gretsch Sound, no worry.

    But it's me, OK ? :D

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  9. Flouswa

    Flouswa Country Gent

    Welcome! And good luck on deciding. It's a tough one, so many good models. That's how I ended up with 2...
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  10. kjmac

    kjmac Gretschie

    Mar 7, 2018
    Omaha, NE
    I recently bought a brand new G5420T in red sparkle. Picked it up on sale at GC for $700.00 and even with the standard black top Filtertrons, it sounds great. I also like the standard floating Bibsgy. I have zero tuning issues and all I have done is lube the nut with graphite (pencil lead). It is a great platform for mods and with a couple of Setzer or TV Jones pickups and some vintage locking tuners, it would be a perfect guitar, at a very attractive price!

    Gretsch Red Sparkle.jpg
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  11. LivingMyDream

    LivingMyDream Friend of Fred

    Welcome to Gretsch-Talk ZanesDaddy73!

    Sorry to read about your heart issues, but glad to read that your disability is coming through. May the music you will make, on whichever Gretsch you chose, soothe your soul.

    I will say that I have both a pro level 6119 Tennessee Rose, and a 5420T. Both are excellent hollowbodies, so I don't think you can make a poor choice with any of the guitars you are considering.
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  12. loudnlousy

    loudnlousy Gretschified

    Oct 18, 2015
    Welcome here.
    You already got a nice arsenal of gear. Congrats.
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  13. mschafft

    mschafft Synchromatic

    Jan 19, 2017
    Both my 5420T and 2420T have superb tuning stability. The narrower headstock and pinned bridge must be a part of the equation. And welcome!
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  14. wabash slim

    wabash slim Gretschified

    Feb 10, 2010
    lafayette in
    Howdy! Welcome to the madhouse!

    Nothing wrong with Electros at all. They may not be as expensive as a Pro Line, but there's some serious quality there. Don't start modding without giving the stock setup a good try. Try as many as you can to find "The One"!
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  15. JC higgy

    JC higgy Friend of Fred

    Jun 6, 2008
    Belfast Norn Iron
    Welcome to GT ZD!

    If you want to go Pro line buy used,that's how i got mine.

    Oh,and ya can't go wrong with a 6120!;)
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  16. TSims1

    TSims1 Gretschified

    Jun 18, 2013
    Whatever you do(if your budget allows, go Proline!), buy used and save a buncha $. ;)
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  17. johnny g

    johnny g Country Gent

    Sep 2, 2017
    union, ms
    Just buy a gretsch. Your new friends at GT will walk you thru the maze. I have a 5420T and love it. Might be one of the best gretsch selling guitar models of all time. I can't see a lot of upgrading required.
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  18. ZanesDaddy73

    ZanesDaddy73 Electromatic

    That would be awesome! Maybe we could meet halfway and Jam? 7000 miles round trip would be a good road trip :) Stay healthy!
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  19. ZanesDaddy73

    ZanesDaddy73 Electromatic

    That color is AMAZING!
  20. ZanesDaddy73

    ZanesDaddy73 Electromatic

    Thank you for your encouragement and kind words. Rock On!
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