Filtertron(and full HB) sized PickUp replacements

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  1. Ricochet

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    I’ve bought a set for way too much money just to satisfy my curiosity, but I haven’t installed them yet(Sounds lazy but I have amassed quite a little PU collection).
    I expect them to be somewhere in between those two, but really don’t know.
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    Aug 16, 2019
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  3. Cass

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    May 24, 2020
    Brierley also do a Filtertron style pick up.
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  4. Ricochet

    Ricochet I Bleed Orange

    Nov 13, 2009
    Monkey Island
    For easy of your copy/pasting pleasure I compiled the entire list again.

    Gretsch USA

    Fender USA
    The Fideli'tron pickup. Not available from Fender but they do pop up on Reverb or Ebay now and then

    TV Jones USA
    The pioneer of Filtertron replacements

    Seymour Duncan Custom shop USA
    The pioneer of replacement pickups

    Lollar USA

    Curtis Novak USA

    Fletcher UK

    The Creamery UK

    Mojo UK

    Mojotone USA

    D’Allen USA


    Tom Holmes USA
    Made in '93 for Ed Roman guitars, Discontinued since, but do crop up at premium prices.

    Alnicotron Netherlands
    Discontinued, I suspect these were Asian imports.

    David Barfuss Germany

    Eyguitar China

    Roswell(WSC/Partsland) Korea
    Housebrand of Music Store Germany

    Catswhiskers UK

    Gabojo Greece

    Porter USA

    De Lisle USA

    WGS(Warehouse Guitar Speakers) USA

    McNelly Canada

    MJS Canada
    does not list Filtertrons, but reportedly winds anything at request.

    Alameda guitars USA
    Interesting switching options

    SoloDallas by Steffsen Belgium
    For the “Malcolm” tone fans, limited serie.

    Guitar Fetish(GFS) USA

    Dylan talks tone

    Rio Grande USA

    Scheffer pickups The Netherlands

    House of Tone UK

    Radioshop pickups UK

    Sunbear pickups UK

    For completion's sake, the following manufacturers offer full humbucker sized filtertron, Dynasonic, or other interesting retro style pickups.

    Seymour Duncan USA

    The Creamery UK

    Mojo UK

    Rio Grande USA

    Lollar USA

    Proto USA

    Porter USA

    Häussel Germany[cat]=7&tt_products[product]=190&cHash=fd27881ce216a7cb0392a18b548a87ae

    Oil city UK

    Schuyler Dean USA

    McNelly Canada

    JBE pickups USA

    Budget Filter style pickups in abundance by the likes of Artec, Belcat, etc...
    Check Ebay, Reverb, Alibaba etc
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  5. Lacking Talent

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    Very thoughtful / helpful of you!
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