Fender Super RI & 74 Fender Super Reverb...clips --Pics

Discussion in 'Ampage Area' started by BFTmarshall, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. BFTmarshall

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    Jan 12, 2020
    Been sorting out all the songs from last year. First time i recorded on some fender. Always been marshall,
    This is Super Reverb RI..14 Gibson SG 61 alnico 2 pups...Superficial is just pushed into breakup with Klon Cl & Ruin is a Rat. The jensens really sit right on a P bass



    74 Super has MV removed..Normal is modded to break earlier & the trem bone stock,,,Jupiter SC1o's. Love this amp. Push it with OD side of VS Jeckyll & Hyde & Rat

    South , is 2019 Gibson LPJ p 90 & I dont know, is 93 Gibson Nighthawk


    74SFR2.jpg SRRIa (2).jpg southload1.jpg
  2. Groutsch

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    Jun 9, 2018
    Maryland, US
    Those tracks sound great. I keep talking myself out of making an offer on a Super Reverb that I'd never crank past 2. How do you think the reissue compares to the Silverface?
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  3. BFTmarshall

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    Jan 12, 2020
    Thanks..something i did a year ago helped me so much... gave my self permission to use my ears !! Not the internet ..I found that RI at a GC..offered fair price,..its beat up..dented..mis matched tubes..but has the mojo..it performs against the internet grain...the Jensens are fantastic...i record a lot & always looking to sit on a P or Jazz in a mix. They are the opposite of my 74 ,SC10 jupiters(very tight mids & more Brit)
    Being primarily a M player...absolute respect to this RI & 74 Super & 73 pro. They nail classic fender & also do edge of break up tones so nice.

    Silver-made it into a rock n roll animal...since had the RI & kept it all things fender on purpose. This thing is a beast..something about 4x10's..its tight & pick attack percussive but yet fender small lag...my tech made normal channel agressive & break earlier...makes me play southern rock every time..or pull a slide out. I get to play at volume(iso closet-next to amps) they do shine. My fav thing..the tilt legs..fills the stage nice...also noodle at super low vol..with Klon CL...gain up volume down on pedal..work fantastic at talking levels(both amps do). From a rock players perspective,,both these amps are great at what they do & also handle that clean tone great. Gretsch sounds lovely in both..didn't record a song that way yet..but sorta waiting on the new Gretsch to arrive & do an all Gretsch song on the Fenders.
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