Fender Noventa Strat


Dec 7, 2015
Tyler, TX
I picked one of these up in Surf Green. Actually, well, kind of anyway. I actually don't like truss rod adjustments through the bottom of the neck, so I bought a loaded body and put a new Fender Roasted Maple neck on it. Since I own a Les Paul Special with P90s, I was honestly thinking this would be too much overlap. However, I have to say, these Noventa guitars are something special. I REALLY LIKE this guitar. It has quickly become one of my favorites.

Anybody else tried one out?


Jan 2, 2018
I'm with you on this. I bought mine when they first came out (Surf Green) and it's my go to. Ironically I pulled out two other guitars that I put away just to make sure my affection for my Noventa Strat is real and the conclusion is It's Real. I usually just keep volume and tone on ten but not with this guitar. I crank the amp and use my volume and tone. The Noventa Strat is killer imo.

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