Extensive Physio...and New Guitars

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Jun 22, 2020
Ottawa, Canada
Hi Folks,

Sorry for the recent absence...but great things have been happening in the BIB household.

For those of you who know me, you're aware, my wife Janet suffered a debilitating stroke on July 25.

She was released from hospital on September 22nd, and since that time, has been undergoing a very extensive physio therapy program, five days a week, with three different physio specialists.


It was slow at first, only a couple of steps with the left leg, assisted with the walker. at the time, we were not sure if it was going to repeat itself, or whether it was a one time only fluke.

Well it was no fluke, still with the assistance of the walker, she's walking the full length of the house, getting up, sitting down...all on her own. Other than still preparing our meals, providing ''comedy relief'', and support guidance , she's doing ''the necessities'' all on her own.

Today we're on our own with no appointments...catching up, and taking it easy...ain't life grand!!

Guitars...a few new additions...

For those of you who know Rickenbacker, you will know, that although Ric produced a 325 V59, there was in fact no 1959 model 325. there were 28 325's produced in 1958, and no more until 1964, John Lennon's being the first.

I back-dated my recently acquired 325 V59, one year, and included ''Lennon Mods''. It remains ''a work in progress''...so far the mods include, Waverly open gear ''butter-bean'' tuners, back to a single level pick-guard, resting on 5 rubber grommets, Burns knobs, Bigsby/Sorkin ''Bowtie'' bridge. The nut on the Bigsby arm is yet to be changed, and a few other minor details...parts are in transit.

Also added is a new Rickenbacker 1993 Plus/12. This model was a special request to Rickenbacker from Peter Townsend of The Who. Modelled after the original British ''Rose Morris'' exclusive 1993. Mr. Townsend requested a slightly wider neck, a round neck heal, and an improved neck attachment.

I purchased the 1993 through Andy Babiuk's ''Fab Gear'', located in Fairport NY. So far, after letting the carton sit undisturbed for two days, it's only been out of the case for a few seconds. Plans are to run it through the JangleBox this weekend.

Finally, in transit is a ''Special edition'' Hofner ''Revolution'' Bass, with tweed case. Due to arrive next week.

And we're up to date!

We're over the Moon with Janet's progress...the rest...well, it's just the rest!

Best to all my friends,


DSCF1415.JPG DSCF1416.JPG McCartney Special Revolution Bass.jpg