Epiphone MC5 Crestwood build


Apr 5, 2014
So this guy wanted an Epiphone Crestwood with the batwing headstock, three mini hums and a B5.

Kinda like this one:

The reissue Crestwood apparently doesn't come close and originals are ridiculously expensive (like 5K)

So hey, yeah I said I could make him one.

I found a PDF of the Coronet which is the same shape as the Crestwood. Cut it out, transferred the outline to the mahogany and then bandsawed it out.

He wanted real pearl blocks in ebony for the fingerboard.

He supplied the minihums, two SD Antiquity and one DiMarzio. This isn't going to be a relic, so the Antiquities look a little weird to me.

I had to desolder the nuts on the SDs to get them out of those silly big cream surrounds. I got three metal chrome minihum surrounds and painted them black.

Found a decent face-on pic of the guitar with the pickguard so I made sure it was 1:1 in photoshop and printed it out.

Found the exact neck measurements online and carved the neck to suit. Feels a little wide to me, but whatever.

Figured out the neck angle and glued it in after doing the pickup routs. Mostly by hand as I couldn't find a decent minihum template with ears.

The surgery regarding the pickguard and the three pickups while making sure the electrics all would work in the control cavity was really finicky.

About ready to start paint :)() I have a can of the "Polaris White" here, need to do all the grainfilling and priming etc. I hate this part.

More to come as I get closer.

1.jpg 2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG 5.JPG 6.JPG 7.5.jpg 7.jpg 9.jpg


Country Gent
Sep 12, 2014
Firenze, Italy
Wow, that thing kicks out the jams! 🙂
Great, great work.
It looks like if someone needs a rare or too expensive guitar it doesn’t have to look around too much.
Call Eman, and he’ll get it done for you. 🙂