EH? Earring loss from loud amps

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    Apr 9, 2014
    My physics teacher in high school was a former Air Force pilot who could not hear low level sound at the normal speaking pitch. Oftentimes in class there would be a constant low murmur of conversation while he was teaching. Honestly a bit embarrassing for the class as I liked him and physics.
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    May 11, 2016
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    I stopped going to the VA within a year of my discharge. Doctor that took my 10% disability away didn't speak English. I've worn earplugs onstage since I was 14. Still have the set my Dad gave me---from Studebaker. I have fitted/molded ones from Purdue's audiologist, and if needed, I'll use foamies. Even cigarette filters will help you keep your hearing.

    Piccolo snares and crash cymbals are NOT your friends. A girl I knew was deaf for three days after sitting five rows directly in front of the stage right stack at a Yes concert. One of the loudest groups I'd ever heard was Woody Gillespie and His Thundering Herd---no amplification, and behind glass in the director's booth in a 3K seat auditorium. We did a show with Hank Jr that was painfully loud. They used the same gear that they'd used a couple of days before at the Oklahoma State Fair for 80K folks---still caked in red mud. Unfortunately, we have a 6K theater with good acoustics. Our theater director threatened to kill the power after half of the audience walked out complaining about the levels---and got their ticket money back. The band's manager didn't believe him. Stage went dark---and silent.
    REM was painfully loud BEHIND the stacks. I didn't dare walk in front of them. The LF was so strong it'd affect your breathing and heart rate. Listened to that in the spotlight booth behind glass 350 feet away.
    For the 4th of July, we'd do the 1812 Overture with the Purdue Band at our outdoor amphitheater. 30K attending, 350-400 piece band, full choir---and 4 155mm howitzers (before 9/11). That artillery would drown out the entire orchestra.
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    Go take a hearing test and don't turn it up above three (3).
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    I was reluctant to go to the VA as it was bad in the 70's. Forward to 2015 and my audiologist told me that the hearing aides that they use are top of the line and if I didn't like how they adjusted them, she would adjust them and the VA would be OK with it. I am fortunate in that the county VA intake councilor is great. I currently only use the VA for audiology. (I do need to have an annual physical to stay in the system). So far my experience has been positive. The county rep also helped to get my disability. I hope that the service that I get continues. They have had some serious problems over the years. Obviously you have taken care of your ears for years - nit many have.
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    Oddly, I have always been protective of my hearing. None the less, I have had trouble with hearing conversations in environments where there are large numbers of people talking.
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    The term "Tin Ear" comes from the horn devices deaf people used back when.
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    That sounds like the accurate etymology. Pun...stumbled upon.
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    A cute earring?

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