Eddie Cochran live in '59

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    Jan 5, 2018
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    Can someone please explain reasons for the idolisation Mr Cochran on this site :)
    He died at age 21 in 1960 after releasing only 4 albums of original songs.

    I'd never heard of him till I joined this site.
    I've never heard any of his records and never met anyone else who has either.

    That video above of a short gig he did in 59 is the first time I've ever seen or heard him.
    He sings and plays good but .............nothing really special.
    I like the old time rock n roll but dislike country music.
    What's the big deal with Eddie ??
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    Eddie Cochran was the first Gretsch player that gained significant fame aside from Chet Atkins. He was a true pioneer in the Rockabilly and Rock and Roll fields. He was a fantastic player and singer, and was a very special artist.

    Part of his "idol" status is the whole "what could he have done had he not died" thing. He was just so good that the possibilities seem endless.

    Also, he was quite a character, and he seemed to many people in England as the true All-American. He apparently hunted a good bit too. He is MUCH more famous among the British now. Here in America, very few people know of him!

    He played out way more on other people's records than his own. Listen to this!

    He is the reason why Gretsch got so popular recently. Brian Setzer got a 6120 because of Eddie Cochran...
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    Admin Post
    23 skidoo , man that was swingin'
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    You have to dig beyond his hits to get a sense of the talent he possessed. His hits are notable for their simplistic riffs, and lyrics that teenagers could easily relate to. But he wrote some tasty lines in his lesser known work, and did a lot of his own production. He also played a lot of the instruments on his songs. Check out this song he did where he duels himself.
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    I think a lot of it is the classic case of dying young and so/therefore becoming a bit of a legend.

    While Buddy Holly was immensely talented in several areas, do you think we’d still be talking about the Big Bopper if he hadn’t gone down in that plane crash? Or Ritchie Valens?

    I think Cochran was cool, but don’t know he would have seen the heights of fame some who lived on saw. ‘Course, we’ll never know. And Setzer as we know him wouldn’t exist had Cochran not done is thing.
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    I'd say Eddie was a more gifted guitarist than any of the other 50s 'stars', a respected session player and very much at home experimenting in the studio. With the huge influence he had on the British music scene I would expect, had he lived, that he would have been involved with some of those bands and/or been a figure on the country rock scene as it evolved.

    He enjoyed the whole rock musician lifestyle and I can imagine the whole 60s California scene and the Summer of Love would have appealed to him. He would still have been a young man then.
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    I was watching that documentary on The Wrecking Crew guys and, a lot of them were friends of Ed's. Dave Gold, Stan Ross, Larry Levine, Earl Palmer etc. There's no doubt that he would've been involved. He was quitting the road to concentrate on producing and returning to session work. So, I think you're bang on there monsieur lajoint! And yes, in England (and France) Cochran was and is a god!
    Gretsch didn't produce a Cochran signature guitar for a giggle! They knew there would be interest.
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    Eddie was the only one among the others that could really play guitar. He was a gifted musician. Elvis, Gene Vincent, Johnny Burnette, Buddy Holly or Carl Perkins could only strum chords on a guitar (and for this reason they had people like Cliff Gallup or Paul Burlison in the band), Ed was the first high level singer-guitar player of his era. And without Eddie Cochran, there' wouldn't have never any Brian Setzer. Period.
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    Nov 16, 2014
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    Buddy Holly sang and played lead guitar as did Carl Perkins. Carl Perkins' playing was also extremely influential on the Beatles. Neither were as versatile as Eddie though. I think Buddy would have been more writer and producer than performer had he lived.
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    Oct 29, 2013
    Eddie sure does take some beating. I still listen to his stuff regularly.
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    Jul 6, 2014
    Only that he is one of the greatest! :)
    If we are talking about hits: cmon everybody, Somertime blues, Something else, Nervous Brakedown, jeannie jeannie jeannie, twenty flight rock....
    He was big star the moment he died and for sure is one of the most influential musicians specialy in early rnr. His songs are played from stray cats to sex pistols.
    His way of studio recording was revolutionary for that period since he is the first who start with recording instruments separately and so on and so on....
    One of the greatest r’n’r names for sure!
    PS: and maybe biggest Gretsch ambasador!
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    Jul 6, 2014
    Side by side with Elvis, Gene and Buddy. For me.
    Ok , and Cash and Burnette :)
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    Jul 6, 2013
    Maybe this video answers your question ... quote: "Watch it good" :D

    PS: I'm pretty sceptic, if Elvis would have become "The King", if Edddie wouldn't have died so early.
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    Sep 3, 2009
    Now give me a break.
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    Elvis was already 'The King' and the 'Rock'n'Roll era' was over by the time Eddie died.
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    Jul 6, 2013
    If Eddie wouldn't have died, he would have become the King instead of Elvis. Interesting theory, isn't it ... and YEEES, a provocative one too :D
  18. Rock Lajoint

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    Nov 16, 2014
    Sussex, England
    You could maybe develop it into a conspiracy theory...
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