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    No , not that I'm aware of , but on the other side of the coin .... I know what @afire had mentioned holds some truth about the lifetime supply of tape at the time of purchase . But a good product indeed as I have a T-Rex Tremster Pedal which is discontinued ( and I'm not giving it up either )
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    I agree mike is a jerk. I had a problem with the record head going bad. 6 videos later he tells me to send it back to be fixed. That cost me $175. I got it back made sure it worked and sold it. Finally bought a mystery brain and haven’t looked back. $900 for the tape echo, $175 for the repair and numerous tape cartridges later I couldn’t take it. That was my only experience with a tape echo. I have a Deja vibe that I use once in a while made by fulltone but I won’t buy any more of his stuff unless in a week moment I buy a Clyde deluxe wah. I don’t really use wah very much, my rig is pretty straight forward these days

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    I thought he'd have more respect for me since I've been working with tape machines since my teens but he's an arrogant dude and I won't buy anything else from him neither. There's just no excuse for being a jerk to your customers.
    I only use the tape echo in the studio. I would have liked to have a EP3 Echoplex again since I had 2 new ones in the past but everyone I've seen was too expensive and worn out so I found a used Fulltone. It sounds pretty good but if I ever find a decent EP3 I'll use that instead. Live I use my El-capistan and Deco pedals and they do a good job. Tape echo is warmer, richer but yes more expensive and you do have to baby them a bit to get the most out of them.
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    I’ve never played one and love my Mystery Brain. But if you’re in love with the Echoplex... the Catalinbread Epoch Deluxe has the exact preamp in it with orange caps and all.

    Edited: MXR’s Echoplex gets overlooked a lot. I know the delay portion made it into Jeff Becks board for a while but I don’t remember if I saw their preamp pedal on it. I had the delay before getting my Mystery Brain and it worked really well. Super easy to use and the wow and flutter was awesome. Note that your guitar sound is left dry unless you you buy the preamp. That’s it’s downfall for me because you’ve got to buy and power two pedals for the whole EP3 experience. But it may be worth a try if it’s a delay EP3 someone’s after. Then again the price of two is putting it in the used Catalinbread price territory.
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    For me when using a tape delay in the studio it's about the physical interaction with the Echoplex controls that does it for me. Sort of the way Jimmy Page moved the speed bar, used the sound on sound feature and the tape echo feedback you can get. I was doing those things in my teen years even before I knew who Jimmy Page was just through playing around with the controls...:). I know of no pedal that can do those things exactly that way. Otherwise all of the pedals you suggested are really great sounding pedals if you are using them for the main purpose of echo. Those pedals do some pretty cool stuff as well just not the same ones the Echoplex can do.
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    Yeah mine did not like the humidity here in New Orleans. I tried to use mine outside at a gig in the summer and the tape just unspooled right in the middle of a song
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    Scotty Moore used an Echosonic, with a literal tape deck built into it. I worked with multiple reel to reel recorders in our theaters to get echo effects. If you own an early tape echo machine, it'd behoove you to learn to splice tape and to demagnetize tape heads. It's not all that easy to find raw reel to reel tape anymore. It's easy enough to build the echo machine, provided that you can find 1/4" mono record, playback and erase heads, and the rollers and motors needed. That technology has been gone since the early 1960s.
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    These guys from OZ have done a grand job w the RE201. They rebuilt a 79' motor for my RE-301. Gifts from God those blokes! The RE-301 tape echoes are frustrating as heck. When they run, they are heaven but hard to trust. Why do you think Setzer takes a tower of them on tour, only to return w a couple still working? :) There's a reason why I build the toys I do, because I cant trust my jezebel.
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    Nocturne Mystery Brain ftw. Do what you will....I like good tone, ease of use, and reliability. Add a dash of inspiration.
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    Back in the 1960's I didn't know about Ray Butts and Echosonic amps. A guitar player friend of mine who went to see Hank Snow also saw Elvis and told me his guitar player had echo on his amp with out an echo plex or out board echo unit. Yes, I did have to learn to make a good quiet tape splice ... I was changing tape in the cartridge more often than changing guitar strings. Now I'm happy with a Boss DD3 pedal. If I want to play the song "Telstar" like the Tornados, I can emulate some wow and flutter with the wammy bar LOL....
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    Speaking of rebuilding, do you know of anyone in Nashville who you would recommend to do some repair work on a Dyno Brain?
  12. TV the Wired Turtle

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    No but I do in san diego :)
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    Wow I've never used mine on an outside gig but I did use my Echoplex outside in really humid weather and that never happened. I wonder if it was the crappy tape.
    I will say this the one thing I don't like about the Fultone SS is the cassette sized Capstan shaft. I think the machine would have been better if he would have used the standard capstan shaft size that comes standard on all 1/4 inch tape machines since the beginning of time.
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    :) I'll PM you...
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    My all-analog pedal board ‘tape echo’ solution is a Deluxe Memory Man TT1100 with an MXR 6-band graphic EQ in the loop. The delay signal can be made very tape-like by judicious setting of the EQ pedal. I also have a home-made dual foot switch for tap tempo and beat subdivision (small mod to pedal PCB required). That setup makes me very happy!
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    right on
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    Boss DM-2. I've tried about everything else on the market and always come back to that.
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    Feb 23, 2020
    There's a simple mod to get slapback out of the Junior: it uses the same plate for the heads as the Replicator, which means there is a screw hole where the short head would be on the larger unit. You just need to move the Junior's head to that space. No rewiring or anything. Then your minimum delay time becomes 125ms and max about 650. (Btw this is straight from T-Rex, not a random idea).
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    Welcome to the forum, buddy67 !
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