DynaWot ? Dynasonic :/


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Feb 13, 2012
DynaWot ? Dynasonic :/

These pickups are puzzling for me... I never worked so far to achieve a good tone : how picky-touchy I found them !:confused:

OK - I must confess that I had absolutely no experience about them, so it may be an explanation to my hassle. :oops:

I bought a set for quite cheap to member BorderRadio in late 2018 - early 2019 for a project, in order to discover those so praised and regarded pickup, reputedly being the "King of Thump and Twang".

Big disappointment : dull sounding, low output level... Nothing to do with the description I read everywhere.:( Raising / lowering the polepieces or the body randomly, changing the pot values by the haphazard... Well, not convincing : from dull and low to loud, noisy and piercing.

OK, I gave up and made another pickguard with BT FT, and all worked as expected. So the Dyna pickguard went "in a drawer". :mad:

But recently, I found this :






OK - Suddenly, I understand a little better how to manage Dynasonics now. :cool:

Finally, after an afternoon spent disassembling, reassembling, raising, lowering the height of these pickups, I ended to come to a correct setup, I mean : where the output balance between the 3 pickups is quite even, and the tone of the Dynasonics seems to be enlightened in the so-called and expected "Thump-and-Twang" way, plus the "2" and "4" Strat tones...


Maybe I'll have to lower slightly the central Lipstick on the bass side, because it tend to enter in contact with the Lo E and A strings under heavy and close pick attack. o_O


That said, many of you have certainly a way larger experience of the DynaSonics than me, so :

- Have you been fronted to such hassle in adjusting your Dynas ? How did you managed all right then ? o_O

- Have you tested an association of Dynas with other kind of PUs ? Which ones ? Good or bad results ? How did you solved the issues ? o_O

Thanks for sharing ! :);)



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May 1, 2018
I found my stock dynas were hard to dial in. Always sounded great clean but with any drive they were troublesome and very picky about what amp I played them through. The T-Armonds I had sounded much better and easier to use once dialed; the stock setting on my 53 jet had me scratching my head as to what all the hype was about. They were very thin and not much different until I lowered the neck pickup, raised the poles, and then jacked up the entire bridge pickup and lowered the poles. Once both pickups balanced each other and the poles were adjusted for each string they became magic. Fat, clear, growling, chimey, twangy. Basically a lot of things that shouldn’t go together but did. Lows were incredibly defined and could punch holes through a wall while the highs were fat and bright but never shrill or piercing.


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May 6, 2017
I had a late 90’s Dyna Sparkle Jet and ended up selling it as it was dull sounding. I admit that I was still new to the guitar at the time and didn’t experiment much with pole piece height.

I really love Setzer’s tones whenever he’s playing his sparkle Jet, even more than his regular sound. I’ve debated recently about trying TA’s as I believe they’re based on his Jet. My Korina Offset Tele is going to either get TA’s or the Seymour Duncan staple P90’s once I decide this year.

Thanks for posting the thread… watching now.


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Mar 6, 2014
Phoenix, AZ
Just about any guitar pickup is ‘sensitive’ to adjustments. Maybe not P90s so much, but Filters yes, so I think Dynas get a bad rap because A) the coil body is hard to adjust (shims), and B) the tall pole slugs impart a lot of magnetism on the string.

The advice above is what I found through trial and error. To me, this makes them extremely versatile, but not all Dynas are the same, IME. I don’t like Gretsch Dynas, as they are too thin sounding in the bridge. They make great neck pickups though. T-Armonds also are great, but the bridge is pushing mids that I find only work in the ‘proper’ position, up next to the bridge. I haven’t tried SDs but everything is pointing toward me liking them most of all. The G-Dynas have a raw edge to the sound, something the T-As kinda smooth out. It’s probably the magnets.

My current “nails it” Dyna is the Gabojo tall magnet Mr. 2000. It’s lively, bouncy/spongey, if that makes any sense. It grinds and clanks, and has good output. They are around 10 to 11k. They sound closest to the vintage Dynas I’ve played. I’d recommend all these pickups over the Gretsch, but it still seems strange those were ‘dull’ sounding. Should be a little on the bright and piercing side.


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Jul 9, 2014
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Part of the problem is when we speak of Dynasonic pickups, it is not a universal pikcup that in name defines "the 1 pickup" with exclusive properties. PAFs, Burstbuckers, T-Armonds, etc....? Yes, yes, and yes, etc..... Dearmonds Dynas are now just twins of the DA 2000s from the Gretsch Electromatic 512x models.

I prefer Seymour Duncan Dyans over all other Dynasonics both past and present as the sound fuller to me without giving up clarity. Personally, I want to install them into an LP to get as close as possible to the early Les Paul sound from the clips I've seen and heard from the '50s. However, "Dynasonic" does not universally represent an exclusive sound.....per era and manufacturer, they have changed with time.

I think adjustments are to be expected in hopes of trying to dial in the tone you want.


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Aug 19, 2011
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Input some T Armonds in my Silver Falcon and while I like the sound (I literally put them in and lazily tried to set the heights etc) I find the low E is very loud conpared to other strings. So much so the pole piece sits lower than the body now and it’s still quite boomy.
I never changed pots. They are whatever were in the guitar.

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Jun 22, 2020
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:p :D

Edit: or is chambered outside your definition of a "solidbody slab"?


I have Dyna's on two of my four Jets, wouldn't have it any other way.

The professional model sounds different than the Pro-Jet, due mostly to more dedicated chambering in the professional model.

I did the mod on the Pro-Jet in 2005, used original D-Armond's, remember waiting a long time for them to be delivered. This guitar came with the ''mini humbuckers. still have all the parts I stripped of the guitar,



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