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Jul 25, 2009
Sandy Eggo
Sadly if I going to chase a guitar over grand it will be a tele of my dreams.
bought my Galaxie Los Straitjacket model for $700, a fair price for a used made in korea model.. his USA made ones, are of course USA prices :0) I have cheated though, I have locking tuners, a tru-arc alum bridge and an AVRI usa fender vibrato w all the mods. not to mention all CTS pots, switchcraft jack plus original 60s white witchhat knobs from when my pops worked at fender. so high maintenance :)

dipinto galaxie IV los straitjackets.jpeg


Jul 4, 2022
yes you have the mahogany and they are very light! The finishes were thinner too, my red one would chip easy while my Eddie Angel GV could be used to hammer in wood pegs at an amish barn raising :) Btw.. your guitar is soooo nice, sometimes the yellow pearl gets to me, and I want aged white pearl all around :)

Ah, thanks!

Yeah, I get it. I call it "gold macaroni". :)


Country Gent
Feb 12, 2009
Walkersville, MD
Back in late April, I stumbled across this sonic blue DiPinto guitar while at Atomic Music in Maryland after my recent great guitar purge. I've never had the opportunity to play a DiPinto Galaxie (MIA Galaxie 4 or MIC Safari 4) in the wild before, so I had to check it out. I was pretty impressed with it from the get-go so I bought it. I didn't know the exact make or model until I got home to do a little online research to see what I ended up buying. A fellow Offset Guitar forum member identified the model as the DiPinto Orbital - he actually works at DiPinto guitars with Chris DiPinto and explained how these came about.

Sweet! That's a DiPinto Orbital, they originally sold for $399. The factory that normally makes guitars for DiPinto couldn't fulfill an order (they were overbooked), so they recommended a factory down the road. The body is a little different than the Safari and USA Galaxies & Chris decided to sell these as his Squier equivalent. On the Safari line, the guitars get almost completely remanufactured: Chris cuts a new pickguard, modifies the pickups so they're RWRP, replaces the electronics and switches and levels and dresses the frets before they're shipped out to customers; some even get custom paint- the mods and services push the prices into the $899-1500 range. The Orbitals got a basic setup, which kept the prices low. The necks on these guitars were pretty sweet. At the present moment, I don't believe that there will be another run of these; iirc, there were only 38 made. Our own Copacetic recently glammed one up with a killer paint job and sold it on Reverb.

(I work at DiPinto, BTW; AMA)

What I did know when I played it at the shop was that the DiPinto was comfortable, lightweight, set up very well, and the pickups were clear and chimey. I love the variety of tonal options with the 4-button pickup selectors. It didn't come with a tremolo bar so I added one from my parts bin - doesn't secure properly so I'll be on the lookout for one that does. Any recommendations re: a proper fitting tremolo bar would be greatly appreciated.

The guitar is really quite nice and I might consider putting a mastery bridge and tremolo system on it at some point. The block and binding are very well done. Neck is a comfortable C-shape and works for my big ol' mitts.






Country Gent
Feb 12, 2009
Walkersville, MD
Good to know - I'll hunt one down today, thanks!
Before I pulled the trigger on an Allparts Tremolo tailpiece via Reverb, I had a look through my parts bin. It turns out I had a spare tremolo Jazzmaster/Jaguar tailpiece - most likely the one I borrowed this tremolo bar from. I swapped it out and now the bar locks in and stays secure. While I was at it, I swapped out the stock bridge (not a fan) and put in a spare Tru-Arc bridge I had. Killer surf beastie!




Friend of Fred
Feb 13, 2012
Yes, they offer / offered some Lefties...


Well... I'd say, not so amazing to my taste - the Eastwood Teisco Spectrum LH was much more interesting to my eyes :




May 1, 2018
I know Chris DiPinto, he’s an excellent luthier and puts a lot of thought into his designs. He does have an American line of guitars in addition to the overseas made line. His shop isn’t too far from me. I had him on my college radio show a long time ago and also used to have to kick ass metal bands; Wastoid, who I first saw open for Judas Priest, and La Resistance, female fronted metal band.


Friend of Fred
May 4, 2016
Peculiar, Missouri
A decade ago, I nearly pulled the trigger on this Dipinto Belvedere Deluxe model. Not being able to play one kept me from doing it, but it was so unique looking that one like it was nearly mine.



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