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  1. Taco Cat

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    Oct 30, 2020
    Is there any sort of source for tracking the differences between the different years of Gretsch models? As I browse different listings I see the years listed for them, but it's not totally clear what changed between them. If it helps, I'm browsing for Setzer Hot Rods. I know not all of the early HR models had TV Jones pickups, but at what point did they switch to being standard? Seems like the body depth fluctuated a bit over the years as well. Any other big differences between the years?
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    I'm sure there are some here who could detail all the changes to the more historically significant models.

    Since the expansion of the Electromatic and Streamliner ranges we see pickup and other changes sometime twice in a year.
    To me it is probably the most mind boggling range offered by any manufacturer given that we deal with solid, hollow, semi-hollow guitars made in Japan, Korea and China, many using Bigsby Trem arms and those can change from time to time.
    I doubt even the people at Gretsch would know about all the changes from month to month.

    The best thing is that these newer models seem to be great and really for the money don't " need" changing.
    Like you noted: you have no issues with the tuners but you want to know what to change to. ;)
  3. GVDobler

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    May 15, 2011
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    It would Interesting to know how much real influence the artist has on the model that has their name on it.

    I watched a video of Setzer reviewing one of the Hot Rods and it seemed like he was describing what changes Gretsch had made and not necessarily changes he had requested.
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    The GDP has the best database on Gretsch guitars I've ever come across. Just the differences in early 2000s Synchros and Electros are confusing. Missing models or special runs or Japan only models can add to the confusion. I've an '08 Pro Jet G5235T which is apparently different than the newer versions. Even the G5222 number for a 5 watt amp (like the Fender Champ 600 reissue) is now used for a guitar. Confusion reigns.
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    It seems that detailing the changes by coming with another meaningless model number compounds the problem. Half the time someone here says "I just got a 6734TLGBTQ" I have to go on Google to find out what the hell we're talking about. On the flip side, someone says, "I got a new Nashville Tele" I have a pretty clear idea that we aren't talking about the newest model of a Les Paul.

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  6. Taco Cat

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    Oct 30, 2020
    Thanks for the info folks. Honestly, right now in my shopping around, it really seems that the only real effect that the year is going to have for me is what colors are available. ;) So far, it hasn't been too hard to find something with the features I want, as enough things have been modded or tweaked to have something I'd be happy with. Mostly, it's just a curiosity thing for me, as to what would've changed.
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